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Heeeyyy finally im getting something more realistic. Rate my shit por favor senorita

Any xgen tips and or tips?
Thats really nice, I would love to see it in a game engine.
eyebrows got burnt off, and why is his face dirty? good besides that though
anatomically, it's good. Shitty render.

The jaw is huge. Learn how the ear placement relates to eyes.
Anatomically it's not great. Eyelids, eyesocket and nose are under-defined. Also, can't tell if tht's a lumpy surface on the side of the face or just texturing gone horribly wrong.
File: 1403450840672.jpg (2.90 MB, 3000x2994)
2.90 MB
2.90 MB JPG

y would having less dam standard brush on nose or eyelid make his anatomy less accurate?

>Any xgen tips and or tips?
You're not gud enough at anatomy for xgen
Because skin is part of your anatomy, and capturing those smaller forms is part of what makes a face look real instead of CG... It's the subtle details that are most important to pushing realism because our brains are so well trained for discerning facial differences.

And it's not as simple as just adding a few creases with dam standard, it's easy to get a general human face shape like this, but properly capturing those smaller forms is what separates the amateurs from the pros.
>amateurs from the pros.
pros are worse than amateurs 99% of the time
Literally makes no sense. They wouldn't be amateurs if they were better. I wasn't talking in the employment sense, I was talking purely skill wise.
art pays shit. Why give up your 100k a year tech job for this?
traditional art pays shit. It's also not up to the employee to keep their job. The employer could fire the to hire somebody that's actually good an will work for less

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