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How to bypass this?

I need an older version of blender (because the weight transfer tool has an issue on 2.76)

I tried the 'renaming the folder before installing' tip, with no luck...


Ctrl F


Delete everything you find









Uninstall? Allways worked for me.

Or you could download the .zip file instead of the installer and run the blender app this way. You don't need to install blender to run it, you know? You can run it from an USB stick.
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Fucking hell. Why are they always breaking shit in this program?

I want to like Blender. I really do. But holy fuck, man.
Download the .zip instead of the setup file, unpack it, done.
Use the zip package. I've always been doing that because fuck installers. You can also uninstall the newer version.
>Why are they always breaking shit in this program?
Not to mention pointlessly rearranging stuff in the UI. I really appreciate the work that people are putting into Blender, but the constant, pointless changes and broken things are frustrating as hell and make it really difficult to find learning materials that aren't outdated.

About the zip file, if you haven't tried it: you can run the blender executable inside the decompressed folder. It shouldn't mess with your current blender at all, from what I understand (but I don't use it on Windows, so I can't guarantee it).

Find a build on graphicall that has the features you want. You might also see if it's fixed in the 2.77 codebase.

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