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Finnaly bought Mudbox after using Student Version forever, only thing is, whenever I download Mudbox, it gives me the student version again, what do I do to get to the installer with the keygen so I can input the key I was given?
>Buying software

Found your problem
It's reading your old prefs, either complete uninstall previous version and reinstall new.
Im worried if I pirate ill go to jail and be raped by niggers
Nobody ever gets sued for pirating 3D software... Or even 2D software. The only people who do are the studios who get caught, because they're worth going after. You are not worth the legal costs to prosecute.
You wont be raped by the blacks in jail anon. Since you are probably white calling the blacks N-words
you would probably find protection among whites, whom you would have to pay with buttsecks in return.

If you're white and go to rape-tier prison, all bets are you're gonna end up raped by the white supremacists.
Blacks may still stick a shank in you and things of that nature, but it'll be a white boy who sticks his D up your A.
the amount of time/money and afford it would take to find out who pirated their software, than track you down, sue you is not worth it. they only go after studios that have it pirated on like 20 computers and are making money

also, mudbox, top kek
do you even zbrush master race?

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