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Does anyone run backburner here on a local network?

I've got two spare pcs and i was thinking of hooking them up, but just some confusion (and iv'e searched for tutorials on youtube/google but all i can find is really outdated info in 360p).

I install maya/backburner fully, and then run a server on each pc where I want it (and on primary pc as well if i want it to render as well).

I run monitor on primary pc to engage all the jobs.

I create a shared folder on main pc and give it access on network to everyone (and somehow share the texture folder on there as well, or just save all projects in a shared folder?)
I run a 30 node backburner farm on ec2, what do you want to know?
How much does that cost for a render of say 50 frames? Just curious, have been considering amazon too.
depends on how long it takes to render. Its about 90 cents a machine hour. It takes half as much time to render on a 2.8Xlarge node as it does on my dual socket workstation.
Hmm, interesting. I was planning to buy 3 used dell refurb pcs with quad cores for 120$ each, but maybe i should just rent server space for when i render.

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