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File: pins.png (172.25 KB, 1079x818)
172.25 KB
172.25 KB PNG
Does anyone have any idea what these little pins are on my zbrush model when I zoom in? I've been having issues sculpting objects lately and I think whatever's going on here is the problem. I'll sculpt on a relatively low poly object that my computer should be able to handle and my brush starts lagging like it's a huge multi-million poly object.

Any help is appreciated because this is driving me nuts.
I've never used zbrush but aren't those vertex normals?
They look like vertex normals but I don't think they are. I can't move any of the vertices in between them. All I can move is the pins.
File: pins.png (189.01 KB, 467x621)
189.01 KB
189.01 KB PNG
Just opened my file back up and when I turn on draw polyframe it looks like this. Alternatively, I can mask polygroup a small part of my model, hide said small part, and start sculpting like normal, but when I unhide the part the laggy sculpting starts up again.
They look like subdivision handles. If you grab one and move it around, does the model distort as if you were grabbing a handful of vertices around the pin? If so, I think you're just viewing your mesh's smooth preview. Not sure how to turn it off since I never use the feature, but that's what it looks like to me.

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