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I love Luxrender, I really do, if they made a body pillow with the Lux logo on it, I would fuck it so hard it would stand erect.
However, when I use it in Blender, it is slow.
The main problem is, sometimes I render out a frame and I go do something like take a shower, and I come back and find a gorgeous photorealistic scene, but the software says it is still rendering when it doesn't need to or should be. What do I do?

Pic related, pretty good looking scene but not textured yet.

Note, I have set Luxrender to render internally in Blender
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Ok, I think one of the problems is that Blender won't export to the Luxrender GUI.
It says cannot find Luxrender at path C:/Users/AppData/Local/Temp/Luxrender.exe
however there is no option in Blender to set the Luxrender path.
Luxrender is a progressive renderer. It will continue rendering forever until you tell it to stop or if you set the max samples per pixel or set a specific amount of time you want it to render.
So how do I set the max amount of time to render/max samples per pixel and what is the recommended setting to get same results as my render(pic related)?
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In the render settings.
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Also you set the path in the user preferences.
Figured it out, you use Halt Samples/Halt Time right?
Nice, thanks based /3/
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Yes. You can also set it in the GUI as well.
Running it internally or externally doesn't change the rendering speed at all.
As someone else already said, just stop the render when you are satisfied with the quality, or, if you are rendering an animation, set a halt condition for time or samples (or noise quality, but that's a bit more tricky and needs trial&error).

Also try the new LuxCore API, it's fast as hell.
>new LuxCore API
I'm not OP but whenever I try to use the 2.x API and use my GPU with opencl I always get an "out of resources" error. However fortunately you can still use Luxcore rendering options in the classic API (except Biased path but I can just use PRman for biased rendering). The only thing is when you use the classic api for Luxcore is you don't get the same options as the 2.x API.
You aren't missing out on much, new Luxcore API crashes Blender constantly
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Then write a bug report in the forum so the devs can fix it.

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