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So I'm trying to create basic objects for a game making tutorial in C4D (left), and import it into Unity (Right), but I can't find any way to get Unity to understand the tiling that I want.

I tried to export an FBX from C4D to Unity, but the tiling just won't do the shit it's supposed to in Unity.

I don't want to have to UV map an object like this either, because I want precision, and from my experience with Bodypaint so far, it's a wibbly wobbly trainwreck that's only acceptable for more organic models.
Alright, so I did get it to import properly by exporting a .dae instead.

Any downsides to using different 3D files?
collada was designed to transfer a whole scene's worth of data. If it looks fine on the other end of the import then I wouldn't worry about it.
File: Nevermind.jpg (23.12 KB, 624x430)
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It worked for a while, but now it does this.

I don't know why this of all things has to be so fucking hard to do.
Just UV unrwap it ffs

Again, because it makes a wibbly wobbly mess. I want it to be perfectly aligned, and I can't get that result by UV unwrapping, at least as far as I know. I can't snap anything in either Bodypaint (the C4D UV mapping tool) or Photoshop, so I can only get that imprecise look that all these tutorials go for, for some reason. My OCD does not allow that.

There should be a way to do this, I mean it's a game engine. Preferably you wouldn't have redundant texture files floating around, and you should tile textures whenever you can, if I've understood it correctly.

But how do I get the tiling information over from C4D to Unity? It seems like it is there, but the texture doesn't tile anyway.
I want to note that I'm doing it in a separate program because there's apparently no way to properly tile all 6 sides of a cube in Unity. I can only get it to tile properly on 4 sides at a time, and the last one will be wrong, because I can't seem to simply select a couple of sides at a time and tile those, then go to the next couple of sides and tile them.

I could do this in Valve's Hammer Editor way back in 2006, so why I can't do it nearly as problem-free in Unity in 2015 is beyond me. If I didn't have to use a separate program for this, I wouldn't.
Alright, so I figured out that because the texture I was given was a PNG, Unity assumed it was a sprite, and I had to go into the image itself and change it to texture, THEN I could get it to repeat.

So half way done. Now it's these little shits that don't work. I did the same thing, but with 3 separate cubic projections, because everything else stretched the texture in retarded ways, since it doesn't understand a 45 degree angle, I guess. Looks fine in C4D even though I had to set the amount of tiles to 800 instead of 8.

But Unity just shows it blank, or insanely stretched out so that I can only see a single color of the texture.

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