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I'm getting comfortable with normal-map baking in Maya. I've made a high-poly cube (background) and it's low-poly, normal-mapped equivalent.

There are three problems with the map: distortion (the obvious lines that appear on the map) and blurriness, both of which I know how to fix, but one thing I don't quite know what to do with is the edges of the model that appear to be either extremely highlighted or shadowed depending on the lighting. The effect bleeds over a little bit too far for my liking; the high-poly cube has this effect, but it is not as prominent as it is on the low-poly model.

Do you guys know how I can reduce this without sharpening the edge?
1. Make sure your "Fill Seams" value is high enough for your given texture resolution.

2. If you have any hard edges on your surface normals, you need to put a UV split there, or else you'll get that edge-shading issue.

These are general rules for any 3D package.

Watch this video:
They were already split, but the "Fill Seams" value fixed it.
Open the map in paint and touch up using (128,128,255)
Learn to read last comments on threads before replying... It was already answered with the proper solution.

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