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Is there money to make in 3D porn? I often find websites where you can buy a package with 60 renderings or one short animation video for around 10$ each. There are many sites like that. I always thought it is impossible people buying those for 3D porn instead of just watching a real porn for free.

Sure, hit up furry or brony communities. I knew a girl that did 2D art requests and fuir suits for the likes.

The money was good, but she quit because they were quite the creeps.
Yeah well those porn sites with 35 dollar a month subscriptions still make money too. There's still a big market for porn in a traditional "consumer exchanges money for product" kind of format.
the only problem is it's really easy to steal porn games. Your best option would be to create a subscription service that allows access to content you broadcast from a browser, preferrably using unity, html5, or flash player. this will guarantee ppl needing to keep spending to keep accessing your content.
>it's really easy to steal porn games
Java games were capable of detecting the executable's origin and refusing to run outside of the original domain. Some flash games still do this such that the .swf you link to doesn't contain the entire game. And no, it's not trivial to fix that.

HTML5 is a lot more transparent in its code meaning caching and rewriting will be much easier.
>Is there money to make in 3D porn?


It sure seems like there is.
Wouldn't you just record and crop via screencast or some other browser recording app?

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