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So I'm building a new PC purely for rendering 3D fractal animations. It's been about 4 years since I've built a new PC. Looking at the i7 6700k but I'm not sure what kind of cpu cooling to use and how much/type of RAM. Help me Obi wan /3/. Your my only hope.
Any advice is welcome.
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you definately want to go water cooled I used the corsair h110. whats you budget if its in the 2-3k area i would go xeon processors instead. I do animation and art with images up to 80 megapixels and i run 32 gigs ram with 3 gtx 780 cards in SLI for some progs the gpu is a far more powerful tool the the cpu and for some progs the number of cores is king. it really depends on the way the program your using works.
Good to know. I'll go for liquid cooled then.

The software i use can utilise all available cores. GPU's aren't important, it's all CPU based.
So you think the Xeons will do a better job than an i7?
File: candy ball.jpg (530.71 KB, 1080x720)
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yeah i would get an asus Z9PE-D8 WS with 2 xeon e5-2620s or above thats 12 physical cores or 24 in hyperthreading its a beast. i built a system for an architect using that with 64 gigs ram and it is insane how fast it renders in cinebench which is all cpu based rendering

It's what Xeons are basically built for, heavy loads and computations that will last for years running at 100%
File: FOD.jpg (2.50 MB, 2400x2400)
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OK nice. Might be in the price range. Thanks anon(s)

Due to the nature of fractal calculations my old 2.7ghz i7 is taking 1 min 30 sec per frame at 1080 x 720. That's 4 hours render time for 5 seconds of video at 720p for this particular animation.

Render times vary depending on how deep into the fractal you go and the complexity of the fractal layers.

Would be nice to have access to a supercomputer for a few hours a week.
check out this render 15280x4320 pixels 30 million polys in the scene plus 10,000 instances of the asteroid at all different scales, rotations and stretches took about 16 hours for one frame and I use an amd 8350 with 32 gigs rendering on only 4 threads so i could still use the machine http://q5grafx.deviantart.com/art/No-Escape-568682454
Awesome, love it. Bookmarking you on deviant art.
it started off as a scene where i was going to remake the millenium falcon asteroid field scene from empire strikes back and ended up seeing if i could make something so large i could make it wallpaper for a room and when i priced the wallpaper printing to make it for my grandsons room it would be about $2920 and stretch 32'x8'
the test render of the video is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eP9Rp-0eFs its only 10 seconds long but still looks cool for a test
File: Candy_Moon Bubbles5.jpg (2.73 MB, 2000x1250)
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Im just getting into the 3D stuff.
Been working with 2d fractals for a few years. I have some images that are about 400+mb 16000x9000 that took more than 2 days for one frame. We'll laugh at that in 10 years.
you want to see a long render time it was my ak47 video only about 1800 frames took about a month to render 300 parts 1 million polys full assembly of my ak47 at that time i have upgraded both the real gun and the model since then when the assembly is complete then i made the gun turn transparent to show the mechanisms inside as its firing :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eV2a8mbrf8I
That' would be the best kids bedroom ever.

Im looking at getting prints done now. Glass looks like a viable option for the stuff i want printed. Also looking at polyurethane too, but it will need framing.
i stated doing 3d in 1991 on a 486 dx2 66 mhz machine with 4 megs ram running lightwave 3d when we did animations in those days we had to render at 320x240 and it still took forever. so i used to model and give my models to others to skin and animate like spacebattles.com i had always been more into the modeling side more than the animating side. did some freelance work for Babylon5 and deep space 9 way back in the days.
glass is a totally sick media due to the way you can make the light effect the images printed on it in layers and backlit. also etching in addition to printing adds alot.
File: Candy.png (3.10 MB, 2048x1350)
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3.10 MB PNG

That's really cool!
can your 3d fractals be 3d printed? that could be pretty sick media too
well i guess anything can be 3d printed if it can be converted to an .stl file
that last one is that using z=z-1?
Not at the moment. The programs only outputs a 2d image. Im sure someone will come up with a way to output to a 3D printer file sometime soon.

Although it can be rendered in stereo and compiled to a 3D video file, but still just left and right 2d images for now.
Yeah just a standard mandelbrot zoomed in and coloured with my "candy" colour map
so z=z^2+c
i wonder if the math plugin in lightwave modeller could make a 3d fractal. ive never tried it before
Im using Ultra Fractal for the 2d stuff and Mandelbulb 3d for the 3d stuff.

Mandelbulb is free and theres tons of parameter sets around to get you started http://mandelbulb.com/2014/mandelbulb-3d-mb3d-fractal-rendering-software/
it appears my 3d program cant make a 3d object out of the equation but i can make a motion from it so if i were to make a ball i could then cause a motion blur to infinity on the mandlebrot curve
time for me to crash. have a good one and you can contact me through deviantart or youtube. have a good one anon

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