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I remember there was a program called "Source MDL compiler" and it was a web based service. It would turn .smd files straight to .mdl files ready for Source and would even generate .vmt and .qc files. There was no effort needed.
Now I have no idea where it went because the web domain was bought out. So either I need to find its relocation, assuming it is still around, or find an alternative that does pretty much the same.
Just use Crowbar.
But I don't want to make .qc files
You don't have to...
Crowbar requires one, doesn't it?
They're not that hard to make desu.
If you're using 3DS Max, Maya or Softimage though, I believe they have some plugins that can export a QC file for you and all the other bits needed.
>implying Max isn't kill
Tbh baka senpai

I know qc's aren't that hard to make, but they are generally time consuming and they really hinder an artist's ability to export so many props.

Hence why I want something that generates .qc's automatically. Something that isn't restricted to one software.
Then script your own tools to do it scrublord. You need to create a tool that can parse your FBX file and read the bones, mesh and material list and generate the appropriate QC for it. Such a tool doesn't exist. That's why you have to use software specific addons, where scripting such operations is simpler.
I was the one who written that web based compiler. To find a thread on /3/ of all places about it all these years later.

Sorry to say but it's gone for good. Had too many problems maintaining it and it never really worked right anyway. I closed the domain like 3 years ago. I was thinking about making it just generate the QC script but never got around it because life.

If you know PHP and a little ASP.NET then you could host your own server. I still have the scripts but it requires some messy setup on a server running both a Windows ASP and Linux PHP environment. I don't mind giving it out if anyone wants it. The QC generate part could easily be hacked out of it.
Use wallworm for 3ds max its so fuckin ez this way its not even fair

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