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How many of you are going to school for 3D animation? If not, then what? Is so, then why?

I've never been to a 3d school. Self taught myself 3d modeling and rendering since 2007. Now working for an architecture firm as a project designer. I make myself interested in the work that I make to keep going. The resource is endless out there to learn just about anything these days.
Software engineering.
I do 3D as a hobby, the industry is incredibly competitive, makes you work a ton and doesn't pay that well. If for some reason I wanted to be part of the industry I can do it from the technical side and get a lot more money for less work.
I live in a semi-socialist country, so the city's 3D school was only 600$ a year. Since I passed the entry tests, why not. The teachers are good and are all veterans of the industry.
I'm self taught in 2d and made it big on youtube, and now learning 3d. Don't really see a reason to go to school, theres untold amounts of tutorials online which i can follow along and the basics of animation don't change 2d/3d.

I don't hate art schools, there's a lot of people who benefit from someone else helping/walking them through, no shame in that. As long as you work on your stuff after then it's all that matters. If you go to art school to fuck around then you're wasting everyones time.
Doing computer graphics at uni,good thing about it is that you get to see a wide range of tech and choose what you eant to specialize in,im into computer vision and 3d reconstruction now,but if i knew what i wanted back in high school,i would never go to uni and learn it all myself its 2015 god damn it
School is helpful. It's nice to have a well thought out curiculum to teach you what you need to.know in an order that progresses in difficulty, and to have an expert to ask for help.
I went to school for 3D animation. It's not nearly as fun as your picture makes it look, OP.

The primary problem I've seen with most 3D animation courses, including my own, is that they are way too generalized. Because they are still part of an institution, often times you can't break away from aspects of the curriculum that don't interest you. While sometimes this is cool, since it forces you to learn skills you wouldn't learn on your own, it also in the long run becomes hampering. You spend a ludicrous amount of time on things you hate, and little on the things you love.

By the end of my program, everyone was mediocre at the best in most skills, and no one was really fantastic at any one thing. Most of my classmates proceeded to get hired in bullshit positions like "3D tracker", which certainly isn't exciting or creative.

I don't regret it though.

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