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I'm new to 3d modeling and this is my first model.

I decided to try out sculpting before box modeling and was able to get this far, but now I have to do some hair and I have no idea what I'm doing.

Would it be more efficent to add the hair using box modeling techniques? I am trying to do a hime cut.

Also wtf is that artifact under her right eye? No matter what i do I can't get rid of it.

So yeah how do you do hair and how do I get rid of that shit under her eye.
blender sculpting is usable but i don't believe its something you can make game models out of.
its a good practice tool and you can bake nice things with it but its not really something you should stick to unless you get really good at it, also slowdowns after 700k polys

usually eyes and hair are seperate objects because you might want to assign different materials.
so far not bad for a first model,people usually start with hard surface before sculpting to learn more about topology and 3D concepts

It's decent, shows you have some fundamentals to work from.
When you get more farmiliar with things you'll do well.

>people usually start with hard surface before sculpting to learn more about topology and 3D concepts

I go from hard to organic and back often, there is a large knock on effect from knowing/ having experience doing both.
I am going to attempt to make some robots and do them using box modeling techniques. I started with this sculpt because in art starting with the human face is pretty normal I think, though I still have no idea how to do hair.

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