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Hi guys. Next semester is my intro to 3dCG. I'm taking an intro class in cinema 4d, a motion capture class, and a character rigging class in maya. how does cinema 4d compare to maya, and if i am primarily learning cinema 4d, will maya make sense? I could also take a character creation class which uses maya and zbrush. The more the merrier i guess. Ultimatley, between Maya, Zbrush, and Cinema 4d, what is the specialization of each, or are they all modes of accomplishing the same thing (i know zbrush is sculpting and not so much animation, but how about the other two.)

Thanks guys
The controls are SUPER annoyingly different, it will mess with you. But once you get past that, it's mostly just that Maya is more powerful, the selection system in C4D is more convenient for broad quick changes but worse for precision. C4 has an awesome material system for nice metal textures quick and easy, is better for art, mays is better for games and animation.

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