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File: composite_log.png (1.28 MB, 1920x1080)
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wee, did this shit for 3d class with blender and i wanted to share it with you guys ^^

uh, i know isn't perfect, but meh, not bad i guess

:v if you guys have any opinion or questions, ask !
Not bad. The arm looks weird though as if the subject is very skinny and the undersuit doesn't fit, or the suit arm legnth is too long. Rinkles too much.
Very cool, I love the design!
Wtf is up with blender viewport?
Don't undersell yourself dude, that is a very nice modelling job. However you've got to get some nice textures on that thing and you need to get that rigged. If you do that then this is an excellent portfolio piece.

You mean the colours? Blender now supports Ambient Occlusion and mat caps in the viewport. Look under the Shading section.
This is valid, unless we're meant to think this is a deliberate reference to WW1 era infantry being equipped with over-sized / "one size fits all" gear due to a big person not being able to fit into small kit, but a small person being able to fit into big kit, and / or a commentary on troops who are malnourished but have an abundance of gear because their military focused on the "modern" battlefield but forgot the fundamentals

But I suspect OP just made the character a bit too skinny
You know what? It´s good.
Make him moving a bit with the same render quality of the first box, and we´ll give you a round of applause.
A tip for texturing, if you don't know what to do already:
These kind of soldiers go best with dark grey uniforms, with red used as accent color, since they're derived from Nazi uniforms.
show wireframe

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