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I have several questions..
as someone struggling with complex mech creation do you think the people who model these kind of detailed mechs model it from scratch or use kitbash it for a library of mechanical parts (heard thats the best way to do it. talked to a guy oce who made this cool robot and he said doing it from scratch clouds your mind and makes you lose vision of the whole thing while you model 1 piece at a time)

also if you kitbash a high poly mech like this how would you retopo it for games?

last question. how do you even unwrap and texture something like this? do you need to create a few texture maps to fit everything in?
Kitbashing is the lowest you can get when doing 3D stuff. It's literally lower than furries, zbrush blobmonsters and adding lensflares in your renders. It's taking what someone else made, piling them together and saying "LOOK WAT I MADE GUISE"
i didnt say taking what others made and putting it together. creating your own library.

Could anyone enlight me on how a robot like that would be made to use in movie/advertising CG?

I feel like if you were to actually model every component and strap it together, it would be a hilariously high poly and inneficient model.

Kitbashing is simply using pre-made elements to create bigger, more complex models. It is simply a way to make your work process more efficient.

Saying that it's the lowest you can get is a stupid statement. Even if you should happen to use a screw, bolt or piston made by somebody else, what's the glory of being able to model that?

To answer your question about how they would use such models:

They have a variety of custom models that are used for specific situations. For example, for far-away shots, they use a simple model with a rig specific for the movement that is required.
For extreme close-ups they would then use a high poly model with a different rig that can animate all the pistons, gears, cables and other little details.

Since it's all digital, they can make an unlimited number of copies for every possible need.
when it comes to mechanical models such as a robot there is no reason why you should remodel something you already modeled. if you're just starting out 3D i suggest you model everything from scratch for practice but in a work environment kitbash it to save time, no one cares. same way i suggest you sculpt a human head from scratch to learn but if ur working just use a base head...
i made a mech with down syndrome by kitbashing 5 retarded items... this is why you should have a whole library of high quality parts

I think it looks cute though.
thx senpai.
>Kitbashing is simply using pre-made elements to create bigger, more complex models
All fine when it's done like this, but to everyone else but you Kitbashing is burying your shitty basemesh under tons of equally shitty details without following any plan.

I know I'm taking your bait, but saying 'kitbashing is burying your shitty basemesh under tons of equally shitty details without following any plan' is like saying

'sculpting in Zbrush is covering your shitty basemesh under tons of equally shitty layers of shapeless putty'

'using textures is covering your shitty model with equally shitty images without sense of quality'

'using 3D software is just hiding your shitty drawing skills by slapping some mesh together and pressing 'render'.

It is an empty statement.
the rounded shoulder parts are not proportionally detailed compared to the barrels
are you really giving constructive criticism to a model made in 5 minutes with 5 shitty low poly objects?
badkings has some

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