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File: CoblestoneNormalsMap.png (387.76 KB, 512x512)
387.76 KB
387.76 KB PNG
Anon that posted the coblestone normal map the other day, here with a version 2.
File: CoblestoneDiffuseMap.png (407.33 KB, 512x512)
407.33 KB
407.33 KB PNG
File: CoblestoneColorFreeMap.png (223.42 KB, 512x512)
223.42 KB
223.42 KB PNG
And color free if you wanna make your own diffuse map.

Comments and opinions are welcome.
uh thanks I actually need this for my current project, thanks!
I feel like the cement is the bumped surface on your normal...
Thank anon, but you could've just posted it in your previous, and still very alive, thread
That said, do you have a page where we can see your works?
You can invert green/red in your software of choice if you're seeing the bump go the wrong way.

Sorry about that, I looked in the catalog but didn't see it, I must have just missed it.

I don't have a page, I'm actually not really doing anything, I haven't had time to work with anything 3D related in like six years.
Why a second thread about this?

Do you want to build a wall or what
>Why a second thread about this?
Why not read? You'be literally replied a day after your question was answered. >>505200
>Sorry about that, I looked in the catalog but didn't see it, I must have just missed it.

Or did you just ask for the sake of that halfassed attempt at a lame wall joke?
Nice inverted normal map faggot
There is no one convention anon, different software uses different RGB to XYZ conversion. Next time you anons faggots you've best ensure your not being the archfag yourself.
Let's not forget there's even normal maps that only use the Red/Green channel, called Derivative Normal Maps. The Blue (Z) axis is calculated on the fly in the pixel shader based on the X/Y values. Saves a decent amount of room in memory if your scene is heavily normal mapped. There's a node in Unreal and ShaderFX for calculating the derivative Z.
Don't see you posting any normal maps you made, anon.
lol it's inverted.
He is right. It is upside down. Flip the green channel gayboy
bitmap to normal. u still fuck it up.
File: NormalTest.png (329.44 KB, 640x640)
329.44 KB
329.44 KB PNG
Are you retarded or just pretending? Because we've already gone over this, there's no such thing as an inverted map, just an engine that handles it that way. I don't know what kind of software you're using, or how shit you're at handling normals, but the map is fine.

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