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I'm looking at a laptop so I can work away from home a couple days a week. It will be used for real time PC game stuff in Unity. With some minor Maya and Photoshop type work to support that.

I'm looking at the Dell XPS range. So I can afford the cheaper models. Which one should I get? ps. Prices are a little lower than listed because Dell's sales people agreed to cut the price £70-100 when I said I was looking at the MacBook Pro.
If you are just using unity, Maya and photoshop then I would say a dell xps is overkill. Personally I would go with something cheaper, although a dell xps could be useful if you decide to do some work with unreal engine 4 or something.
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>If you are just using unity, Maya and photoshop then I would say a dell xps is overkill.
Can you recommend some alternative models? I want something that will not need replacing in two years as well.

>16 GB
>Big Memory

rolf. its like telling 5 years old..
Don't get Windows home edition, get windows pro. Home makes weird things to the memory and it's a pain in the ass to work with.

I think you could check also Asus laptops
Don't listen to that guy, he's stupid. Unity needs just as much system requirements as Unreal. Running a blacksmith scene for example at 1440p with a r9 390 and i7 4970k is more taxing than the Unreal Infinity Blade walkthrough.

Also the image you linked is literally useless. It doesn't show the graphics card. Post the actual full system specs.

Keep in mind too 4k is useless on a laptop screen.
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I'm leaning towards the cheapest model if what you say is true and the i5 is sufficient. The ram and SSD can be upgraded at a later date.

You are getting ripped off m8.

That's a 960m. It's a shit graphics card. It couldn't even drive the 4k screen.

Go to Amazon and type in "980m" and you will see laptops for similar prices with a graphics card that is insanely better than that one.

I guess this is how they sell ignorant people overpriced shit. At least you came here first so you are better than most people. For 1500 don't settle for less than a 980m.

Ignore people who suggest based off brands. Laptops are literally, quite literally made in the exact same factories in China. The parts manufacturers are the same, the chip design is done by the same companies, the ONLY thing they design is a fucking PCB so cheaper is almost always better, not to mention the fact that Asus who has 980m laptops for 1500 has a good warranty policy anyway.


This is IPS, 1080p (which is great for a 17 inch screen and doesn't require scaling, which you don't want unless you really like paying for placebo and slightly smoother desktop icons.) has g.sync so if you play video games that's a plus and above all else still has the i7, a ssd, and 16 gigs of ram.

SSD is great for photoshop and so is ram, i7 is great for 3d and 980m is great for 3d and renders. Enjoy not getting ripped off brosef.

I also just realized you posted in euros, so it 1500 for you should be around 1200 or 1300 or some shit, so even if there is the "Europe tax" the price should still be similar.
To continue, the most important part for you is the graphics card. It's the only part you cannot upgrade in a laptop. If you have a lot of shekels there is also now the option of getting a desktop 980 in a laptop, but that cost over 2k freedom bucks I think. Up to you if you want that.
I don't want to haul a 17 inch laptop to and from the office. And I won't be gaming on it as I have a desktop. Appreciate the advice on the graphics .card and resolution. The build quality and slim form factor that made me go for the Dell really.
It's signifigantly worse. To get a slim factor with a 980m is over 2 grand if I'm not mistake. It's much better to just get a case and deal with it then it is to get a much worse PC you'll have to replace unless you spend the full price.
What the fucking hell man, the 960m will do the job FINE.

My laptop has an 780m and god it's hellish to move around with a 4kg laptop. The XPS 15 is not even 2kg and will do the job perfectly.

At some point power doesn't even matter anymore. Go for Dell dude.
>To continue, the most important part for you is the graphics card. It's the only part you cannot upgrade in a laptop
Actually you can upgrade graphics cards with MXM 3.0 or above laptops. If you buy some AppleShit of course you wont have this capability, retard

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