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File: kjsdhf.png (119.93 KB, 1220x650)
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how would i go about fixing the forehead on this model, pacifically the part wear the top part of the eyes connect to it
Bring the brow forward, especially just above the middle of the eyes, it looks as if the eyelids flow into the brow which looks unnatural. You might also want to smooth and bring the edge loops more in one line. Spread them out a bit, especially near the middle to prevent harsh transitions.

Other things you might want to look at is the mouth, the lips have too much distance between each other. Also smooth the corner indent of the mouth or bring it more into the face. You also have a triangle and two pentagons near the eye.
The forehead is bulging forward too much in the center of the forehead. Women have flatter, straighter foreheads that mostly go straight up until near the top of the frontal bone.

The eyes are a bit too far apart.

You may want to establish the epicanthic fold above the eyelids.

Adding tear ducts to the eyes and making sure that the top eyelid overlaps the lower lid on the lateral side of the face will add a lot of realism to your sculpts.
File: jsdgf.png (58.57 KB, 664x664)
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good info
Nice improvement.

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