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Is it possible to do simulations of electricity and magnetism in Blender, whether with addons or not?
I've seen that I can give particles charges, and simulate magnetic fields, but can I simulate induced magnetic fields and induced voltage?
Was going through some of my dad's old sketches and thought that his railgun-like thing looked interesting to try and simulate.
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Might be easiest to just poly model the electricity and use modifiers or something to animate it, then add glow in post to make it look less solid.
This is for the purpose of simulation, not art.
Well if you want to simulate electrical currents you're looking at the wrong industry, let alone program.
then you'll have to study electromagnetic theory, learn to program, write a simulation program, and then you can use blender if you want to make 3d assets for graphics.
you want a CAD suite with finite elements analysis built in. Blender is not that.
Use Unity or Unreal Op, they have programmable fully customisable physics engines that is accessible if you can code. They're a much better fit for what you wanna make than what you have available in a 3D content creation suite.
>dad's old sketches and thought that his railgun-like thing

US Navy already has a working railgun, the first big test fire is scheduled for sometime in 2016
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This thread is for the posting, sharing, and discussion of anything 3D mlp.
Feel free to ask questions or provide feedback and critique, preferably the useful type.

3DAnon's Ponies: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/6se1gqaq9x81u/Pony
3dAnon's EQG Models: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/xl354g6562k1x/EQG_Blender_Models
Other models (Including nude and Pony) are linked in the pastebin.
SFM/GMOD ADDED (See pastebin)

Awesome As I Want to Be. FINISHED https://youtu.be/SYWU8Fw45Zg
Very High Bitrate HQ/HD Video: http://www.mediafire.com/download/p6gz2n6mxn197ji/HighQualityVideo.zip

3DAnon's Livestream:


>What program do I need?
Well, these models are made with Blender. (Blender.org)
>i-is it really that easy?
>Ok, how does one use Blender?
Look at CGCookie or Blender Guru for the best tutorials.
Tutorials for Beginners:
Download that shit

Make this shit

Then watch and create this shit

Base Pony modelling

*Gaming programs
>Unreal Engine 4 (UE4)


---Resources for free 3D models (or paid)---
http://tf3dm.com/ (my favorite)

cgtextures has a shitload, so this should be enough.

It isn't built for what you're wanting to do. Those "simulations" are for artistic uses, not real-world accuracy.

Now, if you're a python scripter, you might be able to shoehorn something like that in, but honestly you're probably better off going to >>>/sci/ and asking them about it. There is much better software available for this purpose.

Um, yeah? Lots of people have railguns. They aren't that hard to build if you're a tinkerer. Just search for "railgun" on youtube. Making them practical weapons is the hard part.

Something tells me this guy's dad's sketches are closer to the "look what I built in my garage" variety over the "Look what we mounted on a Cruiser for $50 billion."
Not a conventional railgun, because it wouldn't be actual rails.
Just like, lead shot or something accelerated around until being spat out at high speed.

Actual railguns can be built in the garage.

Here's one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YH08iDj2yic

Skip past the part with the cardboard and aluminum foil.

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