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Hey guys i'm a 2d animator/artist and I've been trying to get into 3d (to make my own short movies, not professionally).

I've been looking at the comparison videos to blender/maya/modo/3dsmax, and from what i've gathered maya is the best for rigging/animation and the other software is best for modeling (with maya being inferior at that).

Then Is 3dsmax the best way to go in terms of modeling and exporting out straight to maya for rigging/texture (3dcoat) and animation?
The best option would be trying them all and choosing. You're not gonna do that.
So just pick one and go, quality wise they're not that different.
Sure Maya is better at rigging and animating, but modeling wise it's also decent. The others are better at that, but in my opinion you should stick to one package and learn everything about it.
What matters is the final product anyway.
It seems like a lot of people recommend modo for ease of modeling, but i can't seem to get a clear answer on its animation ability so i guess i'm playing it safe with maya. Thanks for the reply.

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