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Where do you find sound files to your 3D games/scenes?

I'm trying to find a loop of a sound that a "floating computer screen" would make but Googling only finds shit sites.

How do you find SFX?
I use youtubes sound library or freesound uk and the other.

thanks for the tips, anybody else got some?
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Anon pls, audio is important.
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no other places?

i used to find a lot of good stuff just by searching by file name extension in google but they have removed that feature these days. (too good feature i guess...?)

it has a good variety of general stuff
I kinda like making my own sound effects. Read up on foley boards and other old school sound effects techniques. It's very satisfying to create your own sound effects and know the secret source of your sounds which nobody would ever guess is what you used.

Most people know about the radio tower guy wires being the sound effects for Star Wars Blasters and the sound of a car tire rolling down a gravel road on a hill with the engine off was used to make the sound of the rolling boulder in the opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

It's fun to find common, everyday things that can have their sounds tweaked to make other effects.

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