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>All I want to do is get a premade model, load it into blender and animate it for 5 seconds
>useless tutorials surround the internet.
>program doesn't want to cooperate.
>other programs are just as frustrating.
>sfm isn't cooperating
>maya costs too much
>ive been trying multiple programs for weeks.
>end my life /3/
>>All I want to do is get everything spoonfed to me
>>I don't want to spend time learning how to do it
>>something went wrong... It's the program's fault!
>>other programs take just as much effort to learn
>>I'm so bad I can't even figure out sfm
>>can't even afford free.99
>>ive been spending more time wishing I knew how to do something than the amount of time it would take to learn how
>>end my life /3/
It's not that I want things spoon fed to me. Id like to take the time to learn a program. I just wish that the resources were better. I've followed them on point and the outcome is different. this was my problem with sfm.
The resources are fine, loads of people have self-taught themselves 3D using free tutorials on the internet, why can’t you? It’s not going to be easy OP, because this shit is hard you going to just have to put in the time and work hard to learn, you don’t get good by not putting in the effort. You can do it OP I believe in you, you fantastic disaster of a person.
OP, what is it you are trying to animate? Do you already have a model? Does it already have a bone rig? I can give you some pointers but first you need to have a clear idea on what it is you are trying to accomplish.
OP just wants to fap to pony model he downloaded.
pony fags are fucking gross
because of the fact that I'm new to this stuff. I haven't even learned if the model I have has a bone rig. the models are a bunch of different models I found on model-resource.
In blender the first thing to do would be to see if the file format for the pony is supported by default with whatever version of blender is download. If not then enable 3rd party add one and the click on the add on tab. In the add on surcharge box, enter the name of the file format. After enabling import of said file format make sure you save changes.
OP should now be able to import the pony he wants to cap to. If you use dignify add on to set up your bone rig you then and import motion cap files. Further add-ons may be needed to be enabled. All the is left is to st up the seen and render. Before rendering the animation be sure to render some test frames so you know the pony doesn't move off scene. Nothing is more frustrating to an animator then to find out that he spent the last 8 hours with his dick in his hand waiting for the pony render to finish only to find out that camera wasn't even pointed at the pony.
well to be fair, if you want to rig something, Blender is by far the most stupid, worthless, buggy, shitty, amature, wanky, naffy, pissy, bastard, bimbo, cock shit prick bollocks plonker piece of asshat monkeyshit there is.
>I haven't even learned if the model I have has a bone rig

then why are you even trying to animate?

start from the beginning, like learning how the interface works

then you probably want to learn how joints and bones work, then learn how skinning works, then eventually move onto animating
If you can't even tell if the model is rigged then don't fucking blame the learning resources. You're trying to skip the basics. That is not possible in this field.
I taught myself Maya via the internet, and it cost me nothing. checkmate.
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I'm making videos for fags that want to be spoonfed information without sitting through long ass tutorials.

Like everyone else has said here though, why the fuck are you trying to animate something if you don't even know what an armature looks like? This nigga.
Why do fags like you who have no understanding of computer graphics even exist. 3D modelling is not only an artistic thing, you need to understand how computer graphics work.
Learn what vertices, edges and faces are first. Learn about types of modelling and topology.
Learn what is keyframe animation and interpolation.
Learn what bones are, what weight painting is, inverse kinematics, learn about controllers, animation-ready meshes.
Then if you want to work with blender, which is a nice animation program both for amateur movies, games, machinima learn about actions, paths, duplis, animation scaling, etc.
And then come back and tell me you've been trying for weeks without success.
You can learn all this by pirating "Mastering modelling in Blender - Workshop" and " Blender Animation Toolkit" both I think by cgcookie.
loved this!
Help us save her

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