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Hey /3/. Since I've been studying and practicing human anatomy as of late to improve my sculpting, I'd like to purchase a skull or skull replica.

Any advice on where to purchase quality ones? The ones available through Amazon and eBay tend to have a lot of varying reviews regarding anatomical accuracy and quality.

Any suggestions or insights are welcome
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> purchase
oh boy. it's been years since i heard that word
One can't exactly pirate a physical model of a human skull.

At least not as far as I'm aware.
you can download 3d skeleton off the internet
You can download lots of thing on the internet.

Holding it in your hands can also be beneficial.

Not 3d printing it with your own personal 3d printer.
3D printing a 1:1 scale skull in high quality would literally cost more than buying one.
then get a plastic one that is 1:1 human
there are those that are made especially for education purposes
The thread title is literally "Purchasing Anatomy/Reference Material". The plan is already to buy a skull for reference.

I'm afraid that'd be a bit small for my needs. I'm wanting to purchase a 1:1 scale model for study. Thank you for the suggestion, though.

Hi OP,

Go to a abandoned cemetery and just get a free skull. I used to work as a grave digger. A skull that is 60 years old is just bones. You just need to clean it up.

Here, have the entire human body, internal organs included, for free. May require further Mudbox/Zbrush mesh reduction.
I have more than enough 3D models of human anatomy. Acquiring more is not the point of this thread.
Only somewhat reputable source for this kind of material I'm aware of is www.boneroom.com. A real human skull is rather expensive though.

Also remember that the shape of skulls is highly individual, so what you can learn from a single skull is sorta limited as it wont be anything like an ideal or average skull you obtain. But that of a real individual that probably wasn't Angelina Jolie or anything like that.

Also check with laws where you live before you order, in my country they could slam me with charges if I was caught ordering human remains off the internet, and this is atheist fucking Sweden we're talking about.
Much appreciated. For the time being I'm steering clear of actual human remains as they're way out of my price range. Plastic models look like they can get the job done.
Looks like they have good replicas...

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