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One shot, in-game, one-man job. Who wants it?

Who wants what?
Don't understand what you mean, but I liked ur video.
File: GABEN.jpg (519.40 KB, 908x908)
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I think he's trying to viral, on /3/.
I'm actually trying to "anything."

On "anywhere."

Look! A discouraging comment! I succeeded!
Thanks! Check out the first, and look out for the next one in two weeks :-o (<-My face realizing I have two weeks)

You sound like you're about 13 or 14... And since you're making these mine-crafty videos, it's a pretty good guess.
You.....you're welcome?

I like how you demonstrated maturity by noticing that the blocks were like blocks. I actually started in old-school pixel art, then found a voxel program that let me 3D-ify it.

And If you know any 13 or 14 year olds, show them my videos. I really hope they'll like them, because they're still capable of becoming better than you or I were/are/might be.

I would also like them to make me Spongebob-rich.
You sure seem to talk like a child in all your previous posts, it's creepy for someone as old as you. And your OP message made no sense.

He is probably "that guy" who is full of himself and cant take any critizism and only wants everyone to stroke his ego.

Perhaps he\s just one of those guys that mentally regress in chat? I have several adult friends, all of them at least partially educated.
They're both articulate and refined in person but in text they're all like "lol wutzor?? C U in 5 lolol! :DDD".
Thanks for participating! Your mature and and intelligent thoughts about what a shit I must be let me claw another couple dozen views outta here.

It's always great to see insults with nothing supporting their thesis. If you'd used even one thing I actually said to indict me, I might have to take some of that critzzzism I've gotten so amazing at avoiding.

Keep it up!
One shot: (no cuts in action, a single continuous sequence.)
In-Game: (No post-processing. Captured in CryEngine 2)
One-man Job: (I do everything myself, including braving 4chan in the hopes of squeezing out a few more views)
"Who wants it?" You did. You're here, and you're supporting me with your vitriolic nonsense. So again, thanks for that.

Typical narcissist, whatever is said will be dismissed as "insult", "jealous" and other platitudes. But you dont notice because you are a narcissist :^)
Learn2English, that usage of "Who wants it?" makes no fucking sense.
Narcissism intensifies
Faggotry intensifies
The 3 holy sages have visited.

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