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Hi 3DCG. Im having issues with rigging my model. I'm trying to paint with the weight paint tool, but it's really annoying because the mesh is complicated. My question is if there's another way to select the mesh and bind it to bones. And i know the automatic way but it doesn't work for some reason. My preffered method would just be to select faces for binding. I've been searching for 15 minutes now for a solution but i can't find anything.
Check out the vertex groups. Each of the vertex groups in your object corresponds to one of the bones in your armature. You can select faces and assign them to a group (=bind them to a bone) with a certain weight. Very useful for rigging machines since you just select a part and assign it with weight "1" to your group.
BTW, to make sure you don't forget any vertex groups, parent the armature to your object using the option "with empty groups", then just assign your geometry to them to make it work.
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ooh thanks man, that was amazing. great advice, mesh is fully rigged now!

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