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I'm gonna try blendr guys. I'm on a shitty laptop from 2008 runnin linux and I'm probably gonna fall asleep soon. Gonna try to make an art.
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> blender
> laptop
> 2008
> linux
jesus christ
what the fuck how do i remove a pane
shit has built in sculpting tools now?!!! it's that time of night where i think "maybe I will start a blog about how I stopped pirating software and became a true opensourcer" and then i realized how dumb that sounds and also that I would have to use GIMP and that's not happening.
nobody cares
Use Krita instead.
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>This whole thread

Cringing hard
This entire thread is bored-person-bait
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OP here! Some more thoughts on blender now that I've fucked about with it for a bit.

most interesting rendering engine available (Mitsuba) is not really production oriented, the render times are absurd and it's rare that a complex scene finishes without crashing, if you can get it to work you can create some really complex and beautiful phenomena though, also suffers from being CPU only

the most useful rendering engine is Lux, it's still pretty buggy/unstable from the PoV of someone used to iRay but using the latest dev version I was able to get this render in 4 hours without a crash which is actually respectably fast on my rig. I doubt I could coax iRay into converging that fast on a scene with participating media. I'm quite happy with it and excited to use something like Brenda to maybe run some animation renders on EC2.

cycles is good for me to poop on, shitty docs. doesn't respect physics
Macbook Pro detected?
>I was able to get this render in 4 hours without a crash which is actually respectably fast on my rig.

On the laptop? What are the laptop's specs?
bring up menu for the frame.
I dunno how that works for non-Windows but just right click on the frame and choose your option.
kek, no
overclocked AMD 8120 + 560 + 680 underclocked a bit cause it's unstable AF (bought second hand for $50)

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