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File: Fucked up.png (58.69 KB, 366x558)
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58.69 KB PNG
First try at doing a human 3D
Was doing alright until the fucking Sculpt came into play
File: Ass looks like a pancake.png (180.78 KB, 1079x599)
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180.78 KB PNG
Also I cant get the ass right, no matter what I try it just looks flabby
>Was doing alright until the fucking Sculpt came into play

So you just assumed you knew how to sculpt?

>People sculpt in blender?
>Watches video of someone sculpting in blender.
> ....
>Watches another vid when suddenly everything goes dark
>my face has been palmed.
Well yeah, you have to start somewhere
I didnt know anything else I was doing up to sulpting either and it came out Okay
You want to practice sculpting?

You're welcome.
Are you saying I should use Blender to get the basic model, then use another program to do the little details?
No. Sculptris is merely for practicing digital clay sculpting mostly.
You sculpt first, then make your topology around the sculpture in blender. Sculptures are just to have a reference to make your topology wire-frame around.
You no google info?
Theres more than one way to acomplish what you want.

You can do your base model in zbrush for example, and then omport it to another program (Maya, Blender, 3ds Max, whatever) to retopology it.

Or you can do your base model already in Blender, Maya or 3Ds Max, and import it to zbrush to add details. This way you do not need, obviously, to retopology it.

I mean this is a workflow. And it depends from artist to artist.

>sculpting with any program

If you aren't sculpting your models in the real world and then scanning them in, you're doing it wrong.
No program will ever give you the number of tools or level of control that the real physical act of sculpting real matter gives.
>No program will ever give you the number of tools or level of control that the real physical act of sculpting real matter gives.
Then you've never used ZBrush or 3DCoat, so stop talking like you know shit.
File: Body.png (145.81 KB, 1279x721)
145.81 KB
145.81 KB PNG
my first human, don't just assume you can sculpt.

(Not 100% Finished)
Is there any programs that concentrate on subtractive sculpting?
I'm quite familiar with sculpting out of foam and wood, but I haven't seen any programs focus on that aspect of it. Most of the time it's more additive like working with clay.
Not OP btw

All the inflate / clay / add tools in sculpting programs have a negative or opposite version (deflate, carve, subtract), so really the fine detail part is kinda the same. One of the sculptors working on Frozen came from a physical sculpting background (I don't remember what medium), but she hadn't used a sculpting program until she started working there.

You should try ZBrush. The beginning is different (with foam you start with a block and shave it, with sculpting you start with primitives or zspheres and block out a shape) but once you get past that initial rough blocking phase, you do the broad details and then work down towards the fine details the same as you would with foam or wood
You can do that with any sculpting program, thought sculptris would be the simplest for someone like you and free. All you have to do is only sculpt negatively... Don't use any positive sculpting tools, then your experience will be the same. But really, you're only disadvantaging yourself by ignoring the advances in technology that allow you to more easily achieve the forms you want.
File: Untitled.jpg (49.26 KB, 755x1094)
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49.26 KB JPG
I have no idea what I'm doing
I like how you made his nipples extremely protruding, like some lactating gay porn actor or something ROFL.
The nips are like that because she's a girl!

Also for scale reference but I still made the torso too long. Is there a way to have a background grid in sculptris?
Now give banana tits and wider hips for this female.

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