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Hey guys,

I dont understand very well about maps. There are hundreds of kinds of maps, like normal map, occlusion, depht, texture, displacement map, and so on...

What exacly is the difference between then?
So you know what a normal map, displacement map, texture map etc is, but you can't google "what does a normal map do?"?
normal bump and displacement all serve the same purpose, but used in different ways - normal is the most popular one

specular - determains where the model is more shiny
occlusion - determains where the model is darker, it directs where shadows go or something (need to read about it more)

diffuse/albedo - general color/texture map

metallic - determains how metallic the material is

lightmap - determains where pre-baked lightning calculates (when you turn on a lamp for example)

i don't really know about heightmaps and depth maps
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>pre-baked lightning

holy shit

Hmm.... and in the end, all of these maps will be together as one? So the end of a model is basically all of the maps working together?
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well they all work together to create illusion of high detail

in some cases like cartoon art they bake the lightning into the color

Yes, modern game engines usually use:




---specular/smoothness, whatever its called in your thing(even though the spec/smoothness and metallic map are usually one texture, you save the spec map in the alpha channel of the metalic map. If you ever used photoshop you should know there are different channels for red, green and blue(or CMYK, but thats for printing purposes) you can add an alpha channel there)

---normal map


You use normal maps and not bump maps because the normal map contains information to correct for the surface of the low poly model and has much more information all around because it has mulsible color channels for different angles(I dont know the exact technical terms so I am sorry if I am not accurate) while a bump map doesnt do all that.
Bump map is just a black and white image that only has height information(white up, black down) Bump maps are generally only used for big flat surfaces(but I am fairly certain most modern games today use normal maps for everything and no bump maps at all)

Displacement maps are basically the same as bump maps(black and white images with height information, a heightmap is basically the same as a displacement map), but displacement maps directly alter the geometry of the mesh you apply them to.
Hey guys,

I dont understand very well about gelato. There are hundreds of kinds of flavors, like cream, chocolate, strawberry, mint, and so on...

What exacly is the difference between them?

Hey dont bully me man wtf lool

Thank you for all these info.

One more thing, 3D animations do uses these same maps? Or even more than games?
you can use them in conjunction
heightmap and depth maps are something different

a heightmap is used for define height of terrains

a depth map is something that is calculated in real-time by a game engine to produce real-time shadows

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