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Hey guys, so this problem just started out of nowhere yesterday and I can't figure it out. Heres a set of images showing whats happening.


Basically when I click on the *white part* on the reaction manager 3ds max just shits out........idfk
not gonna answer your question directly, but stay as far away as you can from the reaction manager. It's buggy and unpractical. Try setting up script/expression controllers instead.

Usually, what I do is i create a layer of animation with the poses i want via controller tracks, and make the control objects "wire" the weight of these tracks

for your jawbone, it would be:

1-select jawbone
2-open curve editor
3-setup a "euler list" controller in the rotation track of your slave object (jaw bone)
4-add a "euler xyz" controller to the available track of the controller list
5-go to the motion pannel, click on rotation
6-set the second track as "active"
7-open the jaw as far as it should
8-back in the curve editor
9-unfold the "weight" property of the "euler_list" controller
10-on the second track, add a float expression/script, whatever you're more comfortable with
11-add the "position_z" track of your control object as a variable ("z" for the exemple)
12-setup the right expression (typically "if (z<0,z*someValue,0)"). the goal is that when the control object is animated to the maximum, the value of the weight track is 100.

This might sound a little complicated, and maybe unclear (don't hesitate to ask more if you're interested and can't understand a step), but this is an extremely powerful method when you have to deal with complex facial rigs in max.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help on your actual problem though.
how, and also,
try not to work on autobacked files, there's probably something wrong with it if it crashed on the first place
Thanks for the help guys. I managed to fix the issue...I resized the reaction manager window...that fixed it >.>.

Sounds interesting. I really enjoy setting up facial rigs. I do see a lot of limitations with the reaction manager. Do you have a link maybe to a tutorial or anything?
check out paul neal's youtube channel and get used to working with list controllers as much as you can
Wow thank you so much! This guy is amazing.

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