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so /3/! I just recently started with 3d and I was wondering if I can use photo textures and sell my models with those textures?

images like pic related I mean

can I get sued for that? I mean, they are not my pictures and all that, or do I have to make my own photo textures, materials and all that

can you give me advice on this? or give your opinion, I'm really new at all the commercial side of selling models and all that
If the licensing allows it then yes.

so I CAN get sued then

If that's the case then, where can I get free texture images like that? the ones that are free for commercial use
Just about anyone I know who work 3D for games admits to heavy use of google images for texturing. Especielly for heavy edits where the source wont even be recognizable.

For textures like the one in your Op if you own the texture library, or it is part of a free library; the typical license is for you to use it on your content as you please,
but you may not distribute the texture as part of a texture library - which is where you are more likely to run into trouble.

The odds anyone is gonna come after you if you are a small time nobody is realistically zilch.
If they somehow do you will ofcourse cry crocodile tears about how it was part of a free library handed to you from the internet and then agree to replace it or pay some restorative sum.
But just imagine what is involved in checking and proving if someone uses a texture for their project, and verifying that you're not in the right to do so and file leagal complaints.
If you are a company the cost return of hunting and conducting leagal action against small time single offenders looks like a backslash pointing straight to bankruptcy.

And for them free textures you start by going to every CG artists favorite site: www.cgtextures.com
if u own a good camera then shoot your own textures, i tried doing it once
wow! really good advice, thanks a bunch! I really appreciate it

This sounds reasionable, but if you gonna make some tileable texture for terrain and just plain obvious rip it straight out of google image search thats probably a bad idea.


I dont have a good camera and I dont like going outside.
Just run it through software that can make the texture tileable, like PixPlant or Substance. It will alter the texture enough to be considered no longer copyright.
>so I CAN get sued then
No I meant if the licencing allows you to use it then I believe you can.

Creative Commons or something like that.
google image search what you want, and set the search tools to 'labelled for re-use with modification'.
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Like this
Texture hunting is really fun. Grabbing your camera on an overcast day and then going out and looking for all the interesting textures you can find and snapping them.

There have been times too when I've even just used my cellphone camera to grab an unexpected interesting texture I find while I'm out, if it's really good I'll make a not to try and go back and capture it with my DLSR later.

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