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First time posting so don't kill me, please.
These are just some random inquiries, really. I'm a 2D animator who uses 3D spaceship models as a base and then hand colours them frame by frame to try and attain a "hand drawn" retro anime feel.
An example:

And the technique I use:

This is totally not final, but my next pro gig is looking like it will be a 60-90 second anime rendition of stage 1 of the classic arcade game R-Type -

So basically, I'm wondering if anyone cares to either
>have a go at knocking up some really really simple 3D models that I can then use as reference and manually paint/detail for the animation.
>one in a million chance, but does anyone know of any R-Type 3D models already out there? Specifically pic related end boss?

I can model really basic shit myself, but the tricky part here is lack of reference material. Luckily there are loads of model kits and whatnot of the main player ship (the "R-9 Arrowhead") to go off, but as for the "enemies," there's just these sprites to go by (partway down the page starting at the red enemy spaceship):

So, the missile launching mech for instance... it's a side view only, so how wide is it? What does it look like from the top? We just don't know.
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>I'm in a hurry right now, will check those links later.
You know, Dobkeratops (red thing on left) is like the trademark boss of the series. R-Type Delta, Final and the PSP games have it in 3D. IDK about ripping it from them, but all the games are emulatable, so you can play them and try to do it yourself. Final and PSP have a model "viewer" option too.
I have some pics of R-90 (from the Third Lightning) for paper-craft and dedicated R-Type pic folder, but it's mostly all ship related, if anyones cares.
File: Untitled-1.jpg (552.49 KB, 2546x1332)
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552.49 KB JPG
Cheers! That would be much appreciated. Though I might not even be doing this so it's not worth going crazy (I need to wait for word from my project lead).
Incidentally, be dazzled by my 3D skills. That's one ship down.
File: Untitled-1.jpg (792.17 KB, 2513x1380)
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Some youtube tutorials later and I can do really basic teeth/nurbs stuff.
Two down.
Three down.
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File: 5a5085e9.jpg (48.90 KB, 800x607)
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Sorry for the wait.
Like I was saying, Delta/Final/Tactics have Dobkeratops in 3D and you can see how he is. He sort of resemble a human fetus in the making.
Tactics will probably give you the best angles.

However, stuff like this (>>503801) didn't appear in recent games, unless I'm mistaken.

As for that technique, I like it and I have plans to try stuff like that myself - only that I want to do the hand-drawn look in the actual rendering as well. But the whole animation part is still daunting.

What got old was the constant camera movement trying to show off.

BTW, are you familiar with this project/demo that never got anywhere?
Could give you an idea for the cockpit look.
File: 18.jpg (167.15 KB, 800x541)
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File: âVâââhâEâtâHü[âX.jpg (1.13 MB, 2300x3200)
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1.13 MB JPG
File: 1430332048402.jpg (153.21 KB, 626x800)
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That's all I got that are barely relevant, the rest is artwork.
>Paul 'OtaKing' Johnson
I like your work a lot, I actually really want to try out that technique for my own animation. But I'm really inexperienced in 3d modeling, do you do commissions or have any tips to making simple but well structured models?
Learn the basics of modeling. There is no cheating, don't waste your time with bad methods.
Same for you Paul. Learn more 3D and you spend less time with it and more with painting over frames. Use Cinemas Cel-Renderer or Sketch and Toon.
File: Untitled-1.jpg (704.92 KB, 2560x1440)
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OK, I'm screwed.
I have no idea how to make this tail thing move.
Brooooo, the quality of the animation is outstanding. There are certain scenes where the movement isn't quite right, most noticeably, the chase scenes... But it still kind of has that '90s feel to it. It looks like the animators of the original "Robotech" series did a Star Wars spin-off.

One thing, though, that music is completely horrible. I had to mute it to even be able to sit through the whole thing.
It's called "IK" or inverse kinematics. Very simple, just google it.
>These are just some random inquiries, really. >I'm a 2D animator who uses 3D spaceship models as a base and then hand colours them frame by frame to try and attain a "hand drawn" retro anime feel.

>I'm a 2D animator

Top kek, but the final result its cool.
File: output.webm (643.68 KB, 1100x619)
643.68 KB
643.68 KB WEBM
OK, so I've come up with this rough render. As a 3D model it's crap, but it had to be simple so I can hand detail/shade it. Just outline guides really... also you can see the lines popping in and out when shapes intersect which I will clean up by hand.
What do you think?

You sort of have to imagine really dark lighting and a cockpit HUD and controls as the pilot dodges incoming projectiles etc.
File: Dobby.jpg (625.13 KB, 1740x1389)
625.13 KB
625.13 KB JPG
>do you do commissions or have any tips to making simple but well structured models?

Haha, I'm probably the last person you should ask for modelling tips!

>One thing, though, that music is completely horrible. I had to mute it to even be able to sit through the whole thing.
Indeed, the music seems to have been a bit hit and miss with people. I didn't want to just go the John Williams route again though like every fan film seems to do.
looks cool man. make sure your final work got decent anti-aliasing. otherwise it makes the line-art look like shit.
If you plan on having shots from inside the cockpit, the PC Engine complete CD version of R-Type 1 has cutscenes that show it. I can't find a video of the cutscenes by theirself but this long play has them.


There's also the opening to R-Types, a collection of R-Type 1 and 2 for the original Playstation, which has a brief shot of the cockpit of a ruined R-9 Arrowhead.


Both show it as a two pilot craft, even if the latter example only has the remains of only one pilot in it.
File: Missile launcher.jpg (576.71 KB, 2560x1374)
576.71 KB
576.71 KB JPG
Thanks! I want to get the details are correct as I can like I did with TIE Fighter, so this is pretty invaluable material.
I love PC Engine cutscenes. I'll give this a watch after I grab some food.
You're welcome. I'm remembering random things about R-Type in random orders so this might all seem like incoherent rambling, it's been a long while since I've played any of the games.

Far as I know it's never been officially stated. But many people believe that one pilot controls the R-Craft (movement, speed, firing, etc) while the other focuses solely on Force Control. Most real life two pilot aircraft however, far as I know anyway I'm no expert ask /k/ or /m/ I guess, has one pilot focus on controlling the movement of aircraft and nothing else while the other is the gunner focusing on selecting targets and firing weapons.

Also might wanna check out Dimensions.

R-Type Final had different Beam Loops that went from BEAM, HIGH, STRONG, GREAT, SPECIAL, DEVIL, and BYDO in that order. The old R9 in Final only reached the level of HIGH however, you can see the HUD and Beam Loop gauge in this. You can also see what the HUD does when the player changes speed.

Also do you plan on using the Delta Attack introduced in R-Type Delta?
The model kit has the best level of details
It only misses the two red lights near the cockpit that Finals model have
OP, you might want to check R-Type Tactics/Command. They have some 3D renderings of 2D enemies from the previous gaes
File: 1396483156158.gif (85.64 KB, 128x64)
85.64 KB
85.64 KB GIF
Fine work, but again, don't wave the camera so much to show off your animation. Less is more, I think.
Dobkeratops' tail simply moves up and down with some latency at the end. One method to killing it is when the tail goes down, you unleash a charged beam. Most vets will notice how odd it "hangs" right now.

BTW, what kind of edge control does that software offer?

Do you recognize this gif, by any chance?
I had it saved in my RT folder but I'm not sure if it belongs.
Here is the model of one Dobkeratops from Tactics 2
File: Twintails.png (208.13 KB, 1920x904)
208.13 KB
208.13 KB PNG
Forgot pic
Those have two tails for some reason
That gif might be fan art because I do not recognize it. However I have not played every port of every R-Type game, not even every port of the first game. Might be from one of the older PC ports if it's official. I don't really think R-Type DX or the Master System port could handle that.
Ripped the rest of the models from tactics 2
File: C64 Dobs.jpg (37.38 KB, 480x360)
37.38 KB
37.38 KB JPG
Holy shit dude, that is extremely helpful. Thanks!
I'm just looking through them now.

I played the Master System version like a whore when I was a kid (still remember the "rotate the D-pad left during continue screen to access sound test" cheat), and yeah, it had no cutscenes. It was a really good conversion for an 8-bit machine though.

The Commodore 64 version got a C64-exclusive loading screen theme tune which was utterly glorious though, and is the source of many remixes in the chiptune scene:
It's also probably my favourite rendition of all the R-type conversions in terms of music.


>BTW, what kind of edge control does that software offer?
I'm literally LV 1 beginner tier with Cinema 4D and 3D modelling in general, so rigging is pretty much beyond me. For the tail movement, I used this technique:

I'm thinking of just recreating stage 1 of the original, down to the order enemies appear in and everything, so just the vulcan cannon, beam shot and maybe the ripple laser..?
Of course, it's really down to the folks I'm making it for though. I'm still waiting to hear back, and building the models and environment in the meantime.
File: output.webm (1.32 MB, 1100x619)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB WEBM
Finally finished the basic R-9 model...
Fine work.

By edge control, I meant those edges it renders.
Wow, this thread is still going!
I guess /3/ is one of the slower boards, hm?
Dude I gotta say, love your animations ! I love your artstyle and fluid movements. How much time do you spend drawing one frame?
the low poly anime waifu thread was up for several months I think
You're leaps and bounds over most people on this board, congrats! I work with blender and am making potatoes pretty much but I just started. Keep it up bro!

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