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Alright. Polycount and many forums have a logo for their activities.

I would like for us to create a logo for /3/. I was thinking about a logo with a circle and /3/ embedded within it however 4chan also has a logo that could be exploited and combined with /3/.

What do you guys think? Do we need a logo. I personally want to brand my work with /3/ brands.
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made this some time ago
File: mq1.jpg (5.79 KB, 240x240)
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Like there was any other choice.
>personally want to brand my work with /3/ brands.

You seriously want people beholding your work to think you are some kind of rapist pedophile??
At last, DORF has been missing for far too long.
not specializing in 3d rape-ophilia
File: c05.jpg (42.52 KB, 1096x682)
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How about no.

It's not about the rape.
File: draw thread.jpg (62.56 KB, 1068x864)
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4 U.

Its a rough idea.
just stop, you are the only guy here who wants to do that
>It's not about the rape.

Yeah you know that and I know that, but people seeing your work and checking out /3/ will come here and see Aliotos bestiality, some anon
requesting Asian tutorials for modeling loli vagina or just mundande /3/ stuff currently on the front page, like Sasha Gray inquiring about Penis rigging.

Don't you see they will be judgemental like Kenobi and conclude you are affiliated with the most wretched hive of scums and villainy?
is that a portal cube?

i want it but only if its good
Why not just use the 4chan logo but fade out one leaf?

There wont be any logo you silly twats, here's a list of 10 very strong reasons why:

1) Boards don't have logos. They are /b/, /3/ etc.
2) Using a board logo to brand work posted on /3/ would be retarded as you are already on /3/.
3) Using a board logo to brand work posted outside /3/ to let the world know you are proud to be on /3/ would raise flags about your character.
4) There is no governing body for /3/ that can dictate a board logo. Any created by you guys would be completely unofficial and unsanctioned.
5 - 10) This site is anonymous: it's visitors typically don't affiliate with it by building themselves a presence.

Pretty sure even Hans failed to mentioned he was on /3/ outside the site, even though he built himself an identity here. I wonder if he still lurks?
Oh, and you know why you even fucking bother to brand your work if you are on places like polycount?
It's because you can have a lasting profile on those pages where your work can be accessed and viewed anytime.

This place is ephemeral so having your work lead back here means nothing.

>you all a bunch of hipster fucking kids who just wanna press your badges all over your clothes, dress all retarded and affiliate with everything and nothing
> Branding... BAAAW!
>This place is ephemeral so having your work lead back here means nothing.
Unless we make this place mean something.
You don't get it, it's ephemeral because it doesn't archive - and therein lies it's strength.
You don't want this place 'to mean something', lot's of other places fill that role. This is an anonymous message board.
Need input or wanna offer opinion on a CG related topic to embarassing/controversial/retarded to wanna have tied to your person? Great, just post it on /3/ - this be that kind of place.
Great point.

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