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Animation student here, yeah I know it's shit skip over that.
I have a problem with the output. Max shows me in the renderer that everything is perfect, just the way I, a shitty animation student, want it. Then, when I access the output-ed file, I get this shit. It isn't the gamma I already tried adjusting it.
What the fuck is wrong with it?
Looks like you're saving it at 256 colors. Try .tif
I actually just tried that and it didn't work. It looks like the rendering works just fine as I can tell by the individual preview images look fine. But once I try to run them in the RAM video viewer it messes the picture quality up
OP here.

I guess what I am really trying to do is compile my animation into a video format that can be used in a video editor.

I have tried a preview animation, it looked all pixelly, as well as rendering freame by frame then compiling the frames in the RAM player (result is picture).

Is there an easier way to do this? My professor never actually taught us how to do this shit so I am on my own and have been trying to figure it out via shitty youtube videos that don't actually help me.

Are you sure RAM player isn't the cause?
why are you using whatever ram player?

the general method is to compile an image sequence and save it out as the final video output.
most video software should allow you to import image sequences.
render out every frame as png and after import it as sequence in a compositing software
Did this and it worked easily. Thanks for the help everyone.

I think the RAM player is definitely the cause but I couldn't figure out what to change so that it wouldn't be a problem anymore.
cool, shame that you're not taught even basic things like this wherever you are.

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