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File: lanyard-collage4.png (889.21 KB, 1000x1025)
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Im a graphic designer (always worked in 2d) but I have client wanting a 3d module of my design.

I tried in photoshop and it worked quite well but once more objects got involved it started to lose quality. The object is a medal so its simple extrude functions but i dont even know what program to use for this.

Anyone have freeware?
This project is just a simple addon to other things such as banners and so on so i dont want to invest in 3d software if im only going to use it once.
Also thought about hiring for this one job but client has to answer to sponsors so changes to the medal come often
Blender is free, but if it's for just one job you're better off hiring someone.
Are you trying to make one of those? also. you don't know a 3d application.

Maya or 3D Max.
Yeah, Blender can do it. You'll find out why people bitch about the interface, but hey, it's free.

You didn't really say much about what the end result is supposed to be, so we can't really tell you any more. There's a lot to rendering. Lighting has a major effect on how the object will look.

I'd suggest, since you only want to use it occasionally, swap the mouse buttons in preferences and set your render engine to Cycles (all the tutorials these days use Cycles). There's a setting to render to a transparent background, which is probably what you want. Any more, well, we'd have to know more about your project.
Alright. I'm curious about commission.

What is your price that you want? then i'll post my offer. Because I'd probably do this for about 100 dollars.

I also want to know if you would want this rigged? because if it isn't rigged and skinned the entire object would be static and wouldn't move like a normal medal.
If he was using photoshop It's obviously not going to be animated.
In blender, press tab to edit the default cube, right click and delete to delete all but the top four vertices, press a to select everything, press s then x to scale along the x-axis, scale it to the length of the full ribbon. Press Ctrl+r and scroll up a bunch of times, maybe 30 max, and left click on the middle so it makes 30 cuts. select them all again and press u - uv unwrap. make sure you're in the top view, 7 on the numpad. make a new material on the properties menu on the right, the plaid orangish sphere button. make a new texture, the checkerboard square button. open the image. open the uv editing window, (change the layout from default in the top bar.) go back to default layout. open the press o to turn on proportional editing, select the middle or sides and move it with g to the shape you want, scrolling to change the proportional pulling area. to render a still, change the start and end frames to 1 on the bottom and mess around with the render setting, the camera button on properties.
File: simple.png (38.13 KB, 360x540)
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6 minutes
>6 minutes
You know your missing a lot of the model.
I am making a "medal" like originally stated. The medal is an attachment that goes on the end of the lanyard which is on the original photo.

I will not show the final design because of the NDA agreement involved. But the medal is to be given to first, second and third place winners. Participants receive a generic medal for entering the race.
If you make an alpha of the design in photoshop, the model can be done in zbrush in 5 minutes and rendered somewhere else in about 20 (counting render time).

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