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File: patreon.png (52.83 KB, 1680x385)
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52.83 KB PNG
Hi guys, anyone of you creators on patreon? are you getting any supporters? Is it worth trying?
I don't see the point if you are doing 3d art. Josh Singe has a patreon and he isn't getting much money a month compared to say the average shitty 2d artist who has a patreon that is popular.

A top league of legends character artist doesn't get that much money for patreon. Compare it to zernois who gets a shit ton more.

I have a patreon I won't share it here because it is a sfw board. You really don't want to know what I do as it pervy, but I make more than a teacher would make in my country. It is 3d related and most of what I do is ripping game models and doing poses and then rendering the scene.
>I have a patreon I won't share it here because it is a sfw board.
m8 you can share the link and censored images.We'll wait

I'm not going to do it. I don't advertise my work as what I'm doing is really questionable.

I had to take down half my work when one company came across it and complained.

I make steady money now, not going to ruin it. Also, what I do someone else with little training can also do if they know basic 3d stuf.
you got nothing, just another "hey i got steady income but nooo you can't see it" fag. It reminds me when some people with fancy clothes on at my college wanted me to buy into their pyramid scheme for $500.

Until you give proof, you're a scam artist at best .
There's Bryan Shannon aka Gula making buildings for Cities Skylines and gets nearly 400 bucks a model
Dude are you dense or what
File: DEC_VT100_terminal.jpg (1.99 MB, 2776x2464)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB JPG
I've been thinking about doing one myself, I know a friend from a studio has begun a campaign.

I don't think they get less / little money because their medium is 3D, I think it's because their shit isn't porn / a porn game.

The people that make the most money on patreon are making porn games and lewd 2d of people's favorite characters.
The other thing is, those artists often have a kind of persona or personality or whatever (whether positive or negative) and so getting work done by them has a kind of celebrity quality connected to it which helps draw in the patreon bux (at least in the case of furry artists).

I've been kind of trying to pay attention to this shit, in the unlikely event I manage to actually follow through with being a porn artist myself
>ad hominem

A 2D housemate of mine makes about 130 euros a month through Patreon.
Asker her how she did it and she complaned it was annoying and took a lot of time to maintain her patreon page while actually she only plays league of legends all day.

I suppose making porn is a lot more useful than what she does. But I suggest not scooping so low and just staying out of the whole hipster welfare stuff.
File: horseporn.png (682.91 KB, 1046x489)
682.91 KB
682.91 KB PNG
just make porn
easy money
i'm thinking of doing concept art commissions on patreon, but using that concept art for a videogame kickstarter. is this a bad idea?
sweet jesus
File: 1377427902864.jpg (9.71 KB, 174x167)
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9.71 KB JPG
what the fuck is that between her legs

i cant decide whether its a tail plug or a bush ponytail or just..what the fuck
Now start contemplating the angle of the right ankle and the right knee and try not to feel panicky.

All this money just for one perv guy? Is this real?

File: MoshiMoshi.png (1.25 MB, 1319x831)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG

>All this money
Oh please, thats just pocket change, here

Holy fucking shit i just cant believe.....

But i think to have this popularity is like being a youtuber, its a lucky think, i dont know but holy fuck thats a lot
And the bad news is there are lot of 2d faggot like this all over the site. I think what people consider on patreon is more about completion of art rather than its complexity or effort required to make such an art.
>Steal other peoples work
>Poorly edit the rig and animate
>Don't even bother learning how to stage and light just playblast that shit
Holy fuck it's Monty Oum back from the dead to earn that dirty patreon money.
3D sacrifices production time and end result for reusability.

So yeah, 3D art will look generally less appealing than 2D art. The benefit is that you can rotate the picture and pose it. Yay.
what a blatant lie. try animating 2D and tell me that doesn't sacrifice production time or appeal. i'll wait.
File: latest[2].jpg (125.05 KB, 1440x900)
125.05 KB
125.05 KB JPG

> 3D art will look generally less appealing than 2D art
Yeah thats why pixar, disney and dreamworks made all their cartoonish movies in 2D.
oh wait...they didn't.

2D is for people too retarded to handle 3D tools, knowledge and process. its okay for concept arts and doodling, even though some sketches have to be made in 3D, it can't go beyond being a primitive style and is destined to be a pleb-tier hobby.
You went full retard.
Is it a typical thing for 2D tards not to be able to form arguments ? Can you not think of more complex things which is why you're stuck at 2D autism ?

I guess you are :^)
you're a sad sack ;)
> dimension envy
There there kid.
File: 1439456686078.jpg (27.63 KB, 464x464)
27.63 KB
27.63 KB JPG
>a kid calling a kid a kid
> desperately trying to evade talking about his dimension envy.
ssshhh...only tears now kid

Worked for him though, granted animation is now as stiff as he is now...
Pixar and 3D animation in general suck.
The only reason it's a thing is because it's cheaper than competent 2D animation.
You can get away with not hiring professional artists and pay a currynigger (like you) peanuts, then allocate all the resources on render farms. The result is that all 3D movies look the same and lack anything resembling an art style.
Cutting corners: the medium.
It's not cheaper. Cg movies make more money than 2d movies.
You think disney hire incompetent rat boy tier indians to work for them? What work do you think they do? 3D replaced 2D because it's more relateable. Far more man hours go into 3D than 2D. You obviously have no clue what you're talking about if you think it's otherwise.
but it takes more skill and time to make 2d art
There's no such thing as a "skilled" 3D artist.
It's just pressing buttons, no intelligent thought required.
File: 1449214497905.png (104.60 KB, 512x512)
104.60 KB
104.60 KB PNG
i love this meme. it's like the coping mechanism of a dead art.
and you can't even do that xD
by that logic, there's no such thing as a "skilled" 2d artist.
It's just drawing lines, no intelligent thought required
There's no such thing as a "skilled" neurosurgeon. It's just probing brains, no intelligent thought required.
you have reached a point where i don't know if you are trying to bait
Saying that 2D is for retards that doesnt know how to 3D, is like saying that cartoons animations are made from retards that doesnt know how to do a real life proportion 3D, so they do this cartoonish style and so on...

I dont agree. 2D is amazing as 3D. Theres no superior or inferior, they are both equally nice.
>Pixar and 3D animation in general suck.
>The only reason it's a thing is because it's cheaper than competent 2D animation.
Wrong again

>It's not cheaper. Cg movies make more money than 2d movies.
Cg = Computer generated, could be 2d or 3d

>but it takes more skill and time to make 2d art
It actually takes more skill and time and resources to make 3d art than 2d.

3d>2d... actually we have an entire fucking dimension to deal with.

What people see however is completion only, not the amount of hardwork you did on it in the end.
You are that animo guy aren't you?
I don't wanna compete with you but may I ask what tool you use for creating those animations?
Is this your "full time job" now or are you doing something else as well? Just curious
>muh hard work
Hard work isn't substitute for quality.

Who gives a shit how much time or effort you put into a piece if it looks like shit in the end?

>we have an entire fucking dimension to deal with
So do 2D artists, it's just that they are skilled enough to simply calculate it in their minds and come up with the final result, rather than relying on an algorithm to do it for them. It's simply substituting skill with effort. 2D art is straight to the point and provides full control. Every detail of his work is there because he deliberately placed in there. Meanwhile, a 3D "artist" pulls sliders and presses buttons to see if it looks right, never having a clear picture of what he wanted to convey in the first place. A slave to one's tools can not be an artist.
A 3D "artist" is a slave to pre-made shaders, algorithms, renderers and the functionality provided by them. He bitches in impotent rage when after several hours of processing, his alienware computer comes up with a render that doesn't look like what he wanted. Wouldn't it be so much faster if he could simply paint every detail exactly like he wants to? But alas, a 3D monkey lakcs the talent and intelligence to do so, forever doomed to let a machine decide what his "art" looks like.

And all of that for what? Just for the extra dimension? Why would that matter when both human vision and digital displays are 2D? But I guess one would have to let 3D "artists" have at least that. Let them wallow in their imagined superiority, lest they collectively commit suicide in realization of their worthlessness.
File: 2D3D.jpg (321.95 KB, 2054x800)
321.95 KB
321.95 KB JPG
here you go
>classic transformers vs michael bay transformers
So 3D is shit is what you're getting at?
haha 2D plebs got BTFO

Look! just look and behold with the soft balls on the forward face of your tiny skulls you filthy millennials. 80's Starscream even looks like he could run past a tree without getting snagged. Such nostalgia.
File: baytrain.jpg (101.55 KB, 736x552)
101.55 KB
101.55 KB JPG
>2D plebs got BTFO

Choo-choo! get on the bay-train anon. pic related.
>Next stop: Challenger Deep.
>Meanwhile, a 3D "artist" pulls sliders and presses buttons to see if it looks right, never having a clear picture of what he wanted to convey in the first place. A slave to one's tools can not be an artist.

If you dont want to use tools, you shouldn't be on the computer, instead of typing in a browser, you should be using a terminal for doing this functions.

3d is better than 2d, so deal with it.
File: giphy[1].gif (1.02 MB, 245x300)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB GIF
Dimension envy is a real thing. The reason they are constantly buttmad is because they are aware that they will never get to be where the real artists are doing the amazing work that everybody loves. They can't catch up with the technology to adapt to 3D apps and they are stuck on the primitive 2D medium.
Personally I have more emotions with the 2D version. I never liked the Michael Bay movies, also not a fan of CGI when it tries to look realistic. On the other hand movies like Up are absolutely great.
but that's not true. with a little time and effort, everyone can teach themselves anything, right? i mean it's not like in the future a new medium will appear that will make both 3d and 2d artists obsolete and unable to adapt, right?
Are you fucking idiots arguing "muh 3d vs THEM 2d" again? Maaan that is sad. It's sad that you aren't aware they both have their strengths and weaknesses, and that proficiency at both will open far more possibilities to you than being an elitist idiot for one.
File: 25247264.jpg (25.64 KB, 416x289)
25.64 KB
25.64 KB JPG
Dude, you have to understand that this board is about discussions and not actually creating anything.
Most interesting and popular discussion in here is about which program will get you into the 3D industry and why your program of choice objectively seen sucks balls.

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