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So I thought I might try my hand with Vue (e-on software) and just wanted to know if any of you guys had tried it and what your experience like. Might just try out the free version for now but I hope there aren't any major features missing

Great for matte painting I've heard.

Theres a plugin for Maya that helps out a lot, in the long run theres a lot of math involved and a lot of tinkering in the software. I've mostly brought in terrain data and use that as a base. Also be prepared for extremely long render times.

Also Vue is like a pyramid scheme, you get a few base meshes to play around with(low poly, tree leaves are just planes) and they force you to buy more meshes.

Look at geekatplay since they are the ONLY website that gives a decent rundown on the software.
It's worth getting to know. Version 2015 is waaayyyyy less buggy and much more responsive. Hasn't had a crash yet, except when rendering, only because i tried to multitask. It likes to be left alone.

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