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Fallout 4 looks like shit t b h family.

Are computers capable of holding a big ass world that looks as good as say Battlefront or The Order 1886 (My favorite games for graphics so far)?

Better graphics would require more development time and/or more reused assets and/or a lot more money for hiring people

From an objective standpoint it's possible, but from a realistic standpoint it's not feasible
you mean just cause and farcry
yes obviously it's possible

fallout looks like shit because bethesda games always look like shit

>Better graphics would require more development
>a lot more money for hiring people

no it would probably take less time and money

it's more like, their 3d artists make high detail props (which is easy), then they spend half that 300 gorillion dollar$ budget on reducing everything to the point where it can actually run on xbone and ps4 silky smooth 30 fps
>silky smooth 30fps

30fps is about as silky as being dragged in the gravel behind a horse. To get a truly silky frame rate you need to be more than double if not tripple that of the display device.
Playing fast twitch-reaction games like quake on 75hz CRT's back in the days you still noticed a qualitative difference between say 120fps and 240fps.

Reason is the spacing of the frames as you turn your head in a wide sudden angle may end up spaced so that they will look choppy unless you are high above refresh rate.
Say you have a 200hz input device like an old PS2 mouse. This input device draws a spline curve with 200 points per second. If your renderer are running at above 200fps
there will never be a mismatch between where you are looking and what the 75hz display device shows when it retrives the frame once every 0.0133 seconds.

Now say you are running lower then 200fps, you'll now have latency between the curve you draw with your input device and what you retrieved from your renderer.

Anything above ~120fps wont make any impact on you my experience but the current goal of having the renderer deliver at 60hz leaves alot left to be desired.
Players who grow up today and never where around to experience the glory days of high hz gaming is largly unaware of this.

Silky smooth 30fps is a meme you dip
people use it ironically
Witcher 3 came really close to that, now imagine if it where an PC exclusive.

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