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Anyone know where I could download the proper version of WorldCreator (or even Terrain SDK)? The Student Version is pretty limiting. I've tried torrent sites like cgpeers already.

Alternatively, anyone know a good alternative software for terrain generation?
Go with World Machine if you only need terrain heightmaps. Learn to use game engine terrain editors if you wanna do ingame stuff.
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If you need it to generate heightmaps go with >>503196

If you're looking for general render-making use Terragen or Vue xStream - both have their pros and cons you have to find out by yourself.
yeah I totally forgot about Vue. If you want to render landscapes, learn Vue and nothing else.
L3DT is alright I guess.
Would you guys happen to know how to approach importing models with textures/etc into Vue?

I use the 3ds max plugin that Vue xStream provides, along with Vray. I'm thinking about scrapping Vray when using vue just to lessen the hassle, and use vues renderer instead.
Used World Machine a little and really enjoyed it, however there are a number of limitations (as you can expect) with the trial version. Texture resolution is limited to 513x513 and I have a feeling that it won't allow any multithreading unless you buy the premium version. I searched for a torrent that contained at least one of the premium packs as there are two different packs (standard and professional), but all of the torrents I could find were super shady. Anyone else had any luck torrenting the program?

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