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Need help, /3/.

I'm trying to export a high poly model in Blender to then import into xNormal and later import into Quixel. However every time I try to make a high poly model I get these defined edges that appear which ruin the entire process. I understand Subdivision Surface is set to "Simple", but if I chose "Catmull" it would make parts of the rifle spherical--which I don't want. Anyone know how I can get by this?
post wire
File: low poly wire.jpg (1.13 MB, 1702x1784)
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no idea what it happens, did you use edge split or flat shading?

go to object data/wire/draw all edges and post
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Didn't use neither edge split nor flat shading. Just now applied it and it got rid of all the lines and kept most of the shape intact except only when it's in Catmull. There are a few shapes out of place and Simple is still the same. Will try flat shading next.
there are so many unneeded edges so when you smooth the normals it probably shows them

you can start dissolving edges by select an edge with right mouse button and delete/dissolve edges.

but if you are happy with the model there is no need for such manual work
When you say unneeded edges I assume you mean the high concentration of edges on the stock and around the middle area.
Correction, grip.
but its highpoly weapon so its not really a "problem"
You don't use th simple subdivision in subsurf, only the default one. That's your problem, you're subdividing without smoothing.
To keep your model from becoming "spherical" you have to learn how to use control edge loops.
Either that or abuse creases. Control edge loops are superior though unless you're trying to keep the polycount down for some reason.
I'm not trying to keep the poly count low since this is a low poly model being transformed into a high poly model.

>control edge loop
I'll look into this when I get the chance. I'm assuming applying these control edge loops is similar to applying seams; select edges and mark.

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