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first time using normal paint through GLSL in blender

when i try to bake the painted texture to normal it tells me "circular reference in texture stack", i tried alot of things and nothing works.

what is causing this issue?
nvm fixed
>nvm fixed
>doesn't explain how
How did you fix it?
>close the topic, i fixed it :^)
Not OP but I've had that issue in Blender.

You can't bake to a texture that is in-use by the model. So you have to temporarily removed the texture reference from the material, bake it out then re add it to the texture slot.

They could definitely improve on that and make it more clear.

Basically you have to make sure the texture isnt used in the material of the model you want to use to bake. In edit mode, while having open your UV/Image window, you select the texture you want to bake onto, in the UV/Image window. Then press bake and make sure you selected "bake from selected to active" (or bake from multiress, whatever you are doing)
ok so
>make another empty texture in the same size in the texture stack you put check the painted one and leave the blank one
>open another viewport in image editor
>select the empty texture in the image editor
>bake normals
>now blender will bake the painted normals into a normal map

problem caused by the fact that you have no empty texture to bake into so it can't bake into the painted one, it needs it for reference
oh and when creating a texture to paint on you change the B value to 0.5

1 is normals out and 0 is normals in

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