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Is Houdini a good idea to start with this whole 3D thing ?
And what are your general thoughts about it ?
It seems so much better than the other ones.
No. Houdini is both too "low-level" for the noob and too "high-level" for anyone with a clue.
For hero characters? No
For environments and procedural modelling of said things? Yes.
Depends what you want to do, but you'll probably be better starting with another general 3D package to get the basics of the medium down
Maya is really the best package these days to get into 3D. The workflows are simple, the UI is easy to use and organized now, and it's the best all-around package now. It also has a shit tonne of learning resources for it.
You mean too high level for noobs and too low level for profs
Houdini is great!
Maya is the Britney Spears of 3d imho.
Just because its the most popular, doesn't mean its the best.
Houdini can do most of what all the other can, but it does it in a non destructive way.
Your time will not be wasted learning it.
But just like Britney made more money than most real musicians, you are more likely to find a job in this mainstream piece of maya.
I have houdinifx, Maya/3ds 2015, blender aswell. (pirated,[way to expensive to pay for it right now]) Is there any way I can learn it? Where would be a good start?

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