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I have a problem.

I want to get better at 3D (and drawing) but I never have the motivation to do it. I end up gaming or browsing the internet instead.

i've got hundreds of unfinished projects that i've given up on due to hitting a dead end, in a sense, and i'm too lazy to work my way around these issues (looking up tutorials etc).

I did 3D Animation for 3 years in college and i was one of the top students. I enjoyed helping other students with any problems they came across. It was really inspiring and i wish i could repeat college again just for that atmosphere.

Now that i'm at home and suppose to be looking for work, i'm lost.

(pic unrelated)
You will need to develop willpower in order to enable you to do what you set your mind to and stick with it.
If you only do things whenever you are motivated to do them you surrender up your productivity to the whims of your psychological life.

Whatever you set out to become good at there will be times when you much rather just do something else.
You will need to obtain the mental endurance and resiliance to power trough these phases and strive towards your chosen goals.

Actually doing this is very simplistic yet very hard. Doing it alone is extremly hard, chances you will fail and just chillax instead is >90%.
The way you start developing willpower is by getting into the habit of always doing those tedious things you'd rather not do right now.
Becasue your willpower is like a muscle, it needs to be continously depleted and strained in order to grow stronger over time.

Start of by making your bed, do them dishes, clean them rooms, run that mile. Things like that.
Anything you can do to continously put into practice overcoming the natural tendency of following the path of least resistance.

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