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What does /3/ think of modo? how does it compare with industry standards in- Film
product visualisation
ach viz
yes its viable
for small studio you might want to learn blender but modo interface is easier
just get the damn program and play around with it. its modeling tools and interface are ahead of the pack. i'm still a heavy max user when it comes to modeling due to the abundance of scripts, but modo is catching up real fast because they actually listen, research and cater to the needs of artists, not engineers. i'll be switching to it entirely next year if autodesk releases another half-assed bloatware while maya receives all the goodies.
not to mention i had to revert back to 2015 max due to shitty memory leak they introduced with their crappy service pack in 2016.

blender. especially when you use such things like substance painter or quixel suite.
i know already 3 small studios where all shit goes into blender. maya is used only if customer wants it. 3ds max no shit at all.
forgetting price, what does blender have over modo?
As far as I understand, Modo does less stuff but do it better.
what can blender do that modo cant?
game engine and other stuff I don't remember, it's not that important
if workflow and usability are important to you get modo.
blender is equally good if you customize everything to your needs, also it has video editor and bunch of other stuff
Love modo, can't stand blender - I would only use blender for like liquid flow or simulation - then export and bring back into modo.

Thats just me tho - I'm more used to modo and maya.

Modo to me, seemed easier to pick up ( modeling wise ). Blender I kept having to look-up shortcuts and where tools were at - I just got tired of it.
I use both, I find modo just faster at everything. Generally I go into blender to use some special script or use cycles opencl mode. I like having both of them available though.
How would you compare Modo and Maya anon?

That's exactly why I went the Modo way, everyone is saying it has the "best" modeling capabilities.
Can you export out of modo into maya easily for animation?
I wouldn't really compare the two.

Maya can do much more, plus its been out there and used as an industry standard for a good while.
It also has more plug-ins, some of those plug-ins are making their way to modo; e.g. vray
What Maya can do that Modo can' t?
It's more than just what can it do that Modo can't, it's about the way the program is structured and has been refined by the industry. MEL/PyMel is also a very powerful part of it. It's not easy to quantify the differences without you actually fully learning Maya too so you can experience the difference.
How can we trust you if you don't precise specific features?

You have to use them yourself to find out yourself, I'm not going say MODO, Maya, or Blender is the best. You have to figure out what you like or what you want to accomplish.

All the programs can be acquired (blender being free) by demo or cracked/keygen to use beyond the demo time limits.

I actually liked MODO so much - I paid for an individual version.

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