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Real cool modelling tutorial for 3dsmax. Really good techniques here, and this guy's voice is like batman.

yeah cool video, john.

but don't be so full of yourself and your voice next time
Is that really what the 3DS UI looks like now? It looks worse than Blender's.

That guys voice is annoying.
Indeed, 3DS Max's UI is even more autistic than Blender's, which is quite an accomplishment. It's not wonder Autodesk is letting it die off and focusing on Maya.

What are you two faggotrons on about? Interface looks the same, minimize the ribbon and whatever that stuff on the left is and it looks the way it have looked since forever.
that thing grosses me out
Perhaps you suffer from trypophobia. Does this link set you off?

stop it anon
>and it looks the way it have looked since forever
And the way is has looked forever is utter shit. The majority of 3DS Max users even agree on the fact it has a terrible UI, but they put up with it due to the good tools it has.
And just where have you been able to engage with 'the majority of max users' anon?

let me guess, in reality it was like your two friends Jimmy-John-Bob and Bubba-Joe-Jim who complained.
Probably after failing to manufacture a pair of hard resin ona-hole ass-sleeves for 3D printing.

> probably.
It comes from my 7 years in 3D, being highly active across most public boards/forums related to 3D, interacting with people in the industry online, as well as at studio jobs. It's fairly common everywhere you go to see people agreeing that the 3DSMax UI is bad and asking for a re-design. It's become a joke in the industry almost.

I'm sorry if you're learning 3DS Max and so you've developed a love for it that makes you lash out at any criticism of it, but don't be so blind. The UI is terribly labeled and organized.
Hovering any icon in max will give you a descriptive label for what it represents.
I'm not gonna suggest that you are brain damaged, but perhaps you are brain damaged and have issues associating icons with labels due to impared attention span.

Since you're a newbie who only been around for seven years you're probably really talking about how they've failed to integrate the graphite tools with the rest of the UI.
The ribbon is admittedly a messy eyesore. I can see people picking up max today becomming confused how the mesh tools seemingly live in two different spaces.
You really get THAT pissy if someone criticises the tool you like?
Your ego must be quite huge if that Autodesk 3DS Max can be fitted inside of it.
I know right? This link will help explain how it is being me whenever I read a post critizing something I have installed.

max UI is fine. guy sounds like nicolas cage instead of batman.
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Its both

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