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Basically, I made this trippy asf video w/ sad music in the background. No keyframes in the entire thing, just paths and drivers, n i was pretty stoked about it. Took something like 10 hours to render, woke up this morning tho, and had to spend most of the morning adjusting and rerendering a part of it because the camera was going through part of the wall >.<

video is here:
U can see my patch around 1:20
My question is, does anyone know why in the fking hell the wall got poofed out when it rendered. The pre thing worked fine.

>>yea im somewhat new 2 blender so small words pl.
>>also no, its not a click bait, I hate ads, theyre not supposed to be on my videos, but i used a copywrited song sowfuibf lhbgj,
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it's shit.
its cool i plan on pilfering it for a music video of mine

keep ur eye on melting mask if that sound bad to you

oh no dont do that. insulting and stealing my 70 view youtube video.
ill never recover

lol bro i'm just pretending to be mad!!!!

Not a 3d artist but just browsing this board and I thought it was bretty cool man
thanks man
This is shit and I hope you die.
its got 130 views and literally the only ppl who have downvoted it are the two from 4chan when i post it to ask a technical question to a bunch of wannabe modern art critics.

>>making reddit look like not a shithole by comparison
>>gj /3/
Why did this take all night to render? It looks rasterized, not raytraced...
havnt a clue.
setting were a bit off, whole scene was a bit complex, and computer is near potato, but rllly dont know blender well enough to know what to look out for so idk =/
last bump,
pro /3/ plox
dude you could have spent like 10 mins playblasting it instead
idk how to do that in blender

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