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File: q1.png (145.80 KB, 688x825)
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Just started working in Zbrush after having used Blenders built in sculp tools for some time.

I'm working in dynamesh and i seem to have trouble finding good tutorials on some of the basics of dynamesh.

Can someone tell me how do I copy that finger to use and scult the other fingers out of.

Also any tutorial links you might have that explains the basic workings of dynamesh will be greatly appreciated.
Dynamesh is a tool that allows you to model your base mesh very fast.

For example, take a sphere. You want to model a head starting from a sphere. So you begin with the move brush, makiing the shape of the head.

You will notice if you stretch or squatch it a lot, you will see that the poligons of your sphere will be messed up. See with ctrl + F, or shift + F, i dont remenber..

Now use Dynamesh and see the poligons again. You will see the difference at the geometry.
add a finger as a seperate mesh
then go into transpose move tool, hold alt and move a finger and it will duplicate non masked geometry
then merge both tools when you happy and redynamesh at a high enough resolution

Indeed it is an awesome tool.

In the OP pic I basically extruded that whole body from the head and redynameshed.

What I'm trying to figure out is how to cut of a piece of mesh, the finger in this instance, copy it and re-attach it to the hand to make the next finger.

How do you add seperate meshes to the same object.

I know append adds a new tool (subtool) to the scene, but I don't know how to add to the same tool.

If anybody can give me some detailed instructions I'd appreciate it.

I'll keep bumping with my progress.
File: q2.png (379.39 KB, 1098x931)
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ether merge a subtool down or use one of the insert brushesh or make of your own
easier to make the finger in another subtool but since you already made it attached to the body.
You could Ctrl+Shift drag the finger.
then split hidden, fill hole
Duplicate fingers, place them where u want,
now merge them with the full body and dynamesh. tada!

Thanks mate you're a boss. Finally something I can understand.
File: RR1.png (369.13 KB, 1321x886)
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why havent you glued those fingers yet

Want to add more detail to it before I copy it.

Save some time down the line.
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