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It's free and looks nice. I was thinking about using it for small and not animated objects. Have you some experience with it?

Pic unrelated.
sculptris is kill

better off using blender.
Faggologic bought it to neutralize one of the competition and now let it rot.

If you're looking for free programs, best bet would be Blender or if you're a student some of the Autodesk stuff with the student license.
But Sculptris seems so much easier for simple things. I don't know if I should invest time for Blender. If I have to, I think I would prefer another 3d package like modo/houdini.
Sculptris virtually takes NO time to learn because there is NOTHING to learn.

The time you invest when working with Sculptris actually goes straight into your creative process, like working with clay.

If you get good results in Sculptris, it's because you developed a feeling for proportions and how things should look which is directly usable in any other program (after you learned how to use that other program).

So doing stuff in Sculptris is no waste of time and on top of it you can always export to OBJ and use those objects in any other 3D software later.

Just have fun without overthinking all this shit too much and get to it. Create stuff. Get better at it. Create nice things.
Anon you are pretty convincing. I think I'm gonna stick with sculptris until I feel technically blocked by its limitations. Thanks for the answer, have a nice day.
No problem.
I actually started with that little program and went from that to other programs since it helped me developing more and more interest in creating 3D stuff as I moved on.

For example at some point I wondered how I could get texture my model better, get the mesh cleaner or even get the mesh ready (retopologized) for animation/game use. All these little steps were fun since I didn't have much pressure behind it and it was mostly driven by curiosity and fun.
Just explore and use whatever program is available for you.
Have a nice day, too!
>if you're a student some of the Autodesk stuff with the student license.
You don't need to be a student to get that license. That's why it's called an "Educational License" not a "Student License".
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Its great when you are doing something that doesnt require specific polygon control or fancy hard surfaces or many parts. Its also extremely relaxing, has the same effect as painting for me, love to just go in, sculpt something and play with the materials. You can also sculpt for 3D printing with it, did some printed stuff earlier this year (adjusted the models in 3ds max and added hard surface parts).

>Here, have a muddy old wip pic.

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