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I've seen threads here about second life props before, is this the next level?
>tfw customers won't shut up about how your dick is beautifully crafted BUT overpriced and how dick XY has a condom feature, better cum physics and how they think they should get it for free for some reason

I heard tons of this shit by guys creating these props.

If you want your hair to turn white in a matter of days and generally age like a sick cunt, then do it.
If you care about your physical and mental health, stay the fuck away from that market.

>posting erected penises on /3/
Yes, somehow totally forgot this is a blue board.
I deleted it now. I was just wondering, unfortunately I lack the talent to make excellent shaped penises
The thing is that the modeling is the smallest problem of creating shit for SL.

You also need to (at least half-assed) learn the scripting language they use in-world.

Models with no scripts pretty much don't fucking sell.
Also, people are incredibly picky as I stated before, so there are chances that you invest tons of times to get a product ready and then no one buys it or everyone verbally shits on your stuff for lacking some obscure fetish detail which the competition does have included.
Alright I get it, I'll pass.

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