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I know you hate these types of questions, but I really do need some
insight from people who have transitioned from one to the other.

I'm a 3Ds Max user and I've been meaning to learn another software,
mostly because I want to use something that is platform independent,
but also because I think it's good to be familiar with what's out there,
but I can't make up my mind.

3Ds Max user wants to move on, doesn't know which would make a
better second software:
- Maya
- Modo
- C4D

>pic related: I smell bullshit.
>Platform independant
You what nigga?

Just try all software you can get your hands on. We can't tell you what you'll like or need
>>Platform independant
>You what nigga?
he means 'available for all os's' but seeing that you can't spell 'independent' and use 'nigga', I'm not surprised you didn't get it.
I understand but its just backwards. Instead of choosing software that works on all systems you should choose a system that allows the software you want.
I started in max, learned it on and off for 2 years, learned the basics of 3d modelling. Tried out Maya, realised how much easier an faster it is, how much more freedom you have, never gone back to Max. I've tried Modo too. It's nice for some modelling, but i find i can do most stuff almost as fast in Maya.
Zed Bresh

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